Rules: Collaborative Resource & Idea Board (C.R.I.B.)

Official Rules: Collaborative Resource & Idea Board (C.R.I.B.)

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C.R.I.B. Introduction

Welcome to the C.R.I.B.! This is the part of the Freedom! Community where you can post/find resources to use in videos.​

General C.R.I.B. Etiquette

Like the official Forum Rules, all submissions to the C.R.I.B. including resources, posts, and reviews must be Family Friendly. All trolling, promotional, spam, racism, pornographic, sexual, illegal, or hate content is not allowed on our forums or our services.

Members who report all content which does not follow our rules are appreciated. They help staff with their roles on the forum and make the community a better place for everyone!

Our Forum Rules are universal so they also apply to the C.R.I.B., please read them via the following link if you haven’t already.

Click here to read the Forum Rules

One final thing to mention is that the Mods/Admins reserve the rights to enforce these rules to each unique situation.​

The Rules

I: General

You must describe your resource or service adequately. If forum staff feel that you have not put in your due diligence to describe your asset fully and completely you may be asked to edit your post or have it removed. This rule is used to avoid spam and helps with SEO; it’s for your own promotion so take it seriously.​

All submissions must include at least one image sample of your work, to be placed at the top. With visual resources this is easy, non-visual submissions should come with images of audio waveforms or an image of all the files if it’s a pack, or both. The only exceptions for this rule are text-only resources.

Personal Information
It is not okay to offer your email or Skype via the C.R.I.B. publicly. If you’d like to take things off-platform, please do so via the recipient’s forum inbox (start a conversation with them.)

Malicious Downloads
Do not post anything malicious including (but not limited to) spyware, adware, malware, etc.. Failure to obey this rule will likely result in a permanent ban.
II: Spam

Like on the forums, advertising is not permitted in the C.R.I.B.. Your resource submission may include demonstration or educational videos as a resource to members, however they must be hidden within spoiler tags.

Link Shorteners
Do not use link shorteners, especially ones that intercept/interferes with/modifies the page of the download. These include but are not limited to and LinkBucks. We also discourage the use of link shorteners such as because the link is already hidden behind a download button.

Favour for Favour (and the Like)
We do not accept “services” that operate along the lines of “like for like”, “sub for sub”, “comment for comment”, and the like. This is considered spam (hence its placement in the rules,) and is made clear on the universal Forum Rules as well.

Misleading Title & Description
Please post a title and description that's relevant to your submission so members have a good idea of what they're downloaded. If this rule is not followed, you run the risk of having your content removed and receiving an official warning point.
III: Services

Currently all submissions to the C.R.I.B. are to be offered free of charge. If it’s a service (or becomes a service), you may offer upgrades or customizations for compensation under the following terms (applies to both the buyer and the seller.)
Freedom! does not get involved with monetary or delivery issues.
Posters with a bad rating due to people claiming they were scammed may be investigated.
Compensation can include currency, ways of promotion, and etc.. Freedom! does not get involved in this decision making process either.
Thank you for reading our C.R.I.B. rules! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask an administrator or moderator!
  1. I have read the C.R.I.B. Rules.
  1. I agree that the resource I'm uploading is something that I created or am allowed to share.
  1. I agree that by uploading this resource, I hereby grant all Freedom! Community members the permission to use it.
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Very Clearly.
Really nice
Concise, clear rules, which are all completely reasonable and should be followed and used as rules for more communities. I don't like haters either and believe they should have consequences. Helpful criticism is much better. Thanks to everyone here who contributes anything for all of us to use. What a great community!
I really like the idea of it, maybe make it go more towards a thing with different licenses like an extra field for what you have to put into your description when using it.
Its good
Awesome love it :)
info yg sangat menarik , semoga bisa menekukan teman untuk kolaborasi
I believe that the rule regarding images needing to be included with a resource is a bit silly in my opinion. I think that it should be removed/edited so that instead of having your resource taken down, a message should be sent to the 'uploader' explaining what they need to fix. I think all rule breakers without malicious intent should be notified of what they did wrong. (Crib related broken rules)
Thank's for letting me be test this out, I really want to create my portfolio and this will help.
There are a few things on the secret project I'd like to comment on that may improve it in the future;

I feel like the main page can be easily spammed with resources from the same person all at once which kind of overwhelms and 1-2 resource users how many have some good stuff but it won't bee seen. maybe limit how many can be posted in a given time (like once every 15-30 mins) which can be done in xenforo permission (I know as I run a xenforo forum myself with this addon).

There is also a lack of categories

maybe spreading out the GFX to have logos, banner ,thumbnails, intro, outros along with one for renders(for people who make HD background images) as separate categories, this will make it easier for people to find what they are looking for.