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  1. Some Bad Gamer

    PC Looking at starting an MC server need people to play with

    Hello, I am interested in starting an MC server that would be with either plugins or mods, whichever one people want. Anyways I am looking for people that would be interested in joining and hopefully forming a small community around it. If your interested contact me via discord DC Gaming and...
  2. Some Bad Gamer

    Gaming Looking for a gamer to compete with in anyngame

    I'm interested, my discord is DC Gaming#6444
  3. Some Bad Gamer

    PC Looking for some people to record with semi-frequently

    I am looking for some people that are able to record with me on pc and just game and have fun and maybe even become friends Some games I have are Borderlands, ARK, Darwin Project, Overwatch, Minecraft, Terraria, Gmod, etc My only requirements are you have a good mic with minimal to no...
  4. Some Bad Gamer

    YouTube How to deal with aggressivly negitive criticism

    I had been recording a series for my channel and people were loving it then the person i was recording with said he got bored and after he had stopped the series my channel kept getting some very aggressive comments such as "This kid only had people watch him because of Danny. Now this kid will...
  5. Some Bad Gamer

    Service Thumbnail Creator

    Hello Freedom! family. I am offering my service to create thumbnails for people's videos. a demo is attached of what I can create. I can do daily thumbnails but one request I have I have is to make the thumbnails more personal for your channel if you could take screenshots and send them to me so...
  6. Some Bad Gamer

    GFX Request Youtube Profile Pic GXF and Banner if possible

    I can help you with that. DM me on discord (DC Gaming#6444)
  7. Some Bad Gamer

    Resources Overwatch Healers Thumbnail Template

    DC Gaming submitted a new resource: Overwatch Healers Thumbnail Template - Overwatch Healers Photoshop Thumbnail Template Read more about this resource...
  8. Some Bad Gamer

    GFX Thumbnails Overwatch Healers Thumbnail Template 2018-06-05

    Hello Freedom! family. so I have gotten into photoshop recently and I have created my first thumbnail. I think it is pretty good and wanted to share it with anyone who wants to use it. The PSD file has all the Overwatch healers and an editable title. If you use it please give me credit in the...
  9. Some Bad Gamer

    Funny and Epic Gaming Moments || Episode 05

    Send me Clips: Twitter: Discord:
  10. Some Bad Gamer

    GFX Request lookin for editor

    I would be willing to be an editor for your videos but I would like to know what a few things such as do you want to cut out things that might just extend the video and not add to the entertainment. if you want to talk about it here is my discord DC Gaming#6444
  11. Some Bad Gamer

    PC 14 Yr old looking to collaborate with someone

    Hello, I am a 14 yr old who is looking to collaborate with other channels. I only do gaming videos ATM and I would like to find someone who wants to record and play games with me and maybe even make a new friend. For anyone wondering my channel is small only 20 subs.
  12. Some Bad Gamer

    Gaming Check out my discord server!
  13. Some Bad Gamer

    VFX Request [Free] Fire text intro

    Ok thanks! i added you
  14. Some Bad Gamer

    VFX Request [Free] Fire text intro

    Hello, people, I was hoping someone would be kind enough to make me an animated intro for my YT channel. I just do not have the skill to make one in blender. What I was hopeing for is my name Fireking95(cheesy I know) coming into frame by lighting the area of the text on fire then after a...
  15. Some Bad Gamer

    Gaming Hello my name is fireking95

    nothing specific just whatever I feel like playing although i have been trying to complete the joy of creation story mode
  16. Some Bad Gamer

    Gaming Hello my name is fireking95

    Ok sorry, i thought I did but did not see the part that says don't use the full link
  17. Some Bad Gamer

    Gaming Hello World

    I just subbed to your channel i hope you can grow!
  18. Some Bad Gamer

    Gaming Hello my name is fireking95

    My name is fireking95 on youtube(cheesy I know) I am a 14 year old who has had depression in the past but now that it is gone I realize how important it is to enjoy the moments in life and I created my channel in the hopes to entertain people and make them laugh and that is just something I love...