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  1. Anthony Smith

    Minecraft Server spawn build progress.

    Just a few sneak preview pictures of the ongoing Minecraft server build. What are your thoughts?
  2. Anthony Smith

    DreamScaper has lead me down a rabbit hole that I don't know how to handle

    Hey all, As many of you know Dreamscaper releases in like 6 days. Once I found out about Freedom! Games publishing this title I figured I'd check it out and man, WTF. the first thing that jumped out at me was that in the trailer nobody has a face. Humans are hard wired to recognize faces...
  3. Anthony Smith

    Solved Rejoining Freedom!

    so, things are enforced on a per MCN basis, I'm guessing that the MCN you're working with had a high number of "oopsies" and YouTube is cracking down on them for the next 3-6 months but they are sugar coating things but that's just an educated guess from me.
  4. Anthony Smith

    So, I took part in a game jam last weekend...

    SWEET!! keep us posted in this thread!!
  5. Anthony Smith

    So, I took part in a game jam last weekend...

    good job, my advice next time would be to tackle this type of video naratively such as hi I'm bob, this is the story of making the game _____ I decided on this type of game for X reason and set out with this goal in mind soon I realized that I needed to build a function for XYZ which took me...
  6. Anthony Smith

    Tips & Tricks How do you promote yourself in discord servers?

    the most important thing to remember is to not be parasitic you are there for mutual benefit because you ARE a part of the community, not just some dude who's trying to USE the community for cheap views. be genuine, be useful, be friendly, and never abuse the trust you are given.
  7. Anthony Smith

    Do y'all livestream?

    I've done it but prefer the vibe of pre produced content personally.
  8. Anthony Smith

    Tips & Tricks How do you promote yourself in discord servers?

    we may be able to help, but you should probably tell us what you need help with :)
  9. Anthony Smith

    Tips & Tricks How do you promote yourself in discord servers?

    when sharing it should be something on topic or useful to the person you're talking to. Something that answers a question or proves a point, a guide, how to, etc. doing this means your shares aren't just shameless self promotion, you're adding to the conversation and helping people.
  10. Anthony Smith


    maybe use the mundane to your advantage, when I run out of ideas some of my best performing videos come out like a video I made about the history of the "inch" as well as a goofy video i made about monster energy drink. research something normal to find the weird stuff behind it... it's more fun...
  11. Anthony Smith

    Community I don't want to do this alone anymore, Who's with me?

    Friends, Creating content can sometimes be a lonely affair. Working till the wee hours of the morning on a project with little feedback from people who have been there stressing about something that some viewers may not notice or appreciate. I'm sick and tired of not having peers to bounce...
  12. Anthony Smith

    Gaming Decellz gaming

    I like Cereal!
  13. Anthony Smith

    Community Greetings Hey guys...........................................

    I... uhh, kinda feel like you dodged the question there. Sure we can check out the channel but that doesn't help add to the searchability if people are searching for new channels of a certain type to subscribe to, collaborate with, etc. for your own benefit on any forum always take the...
  14. Anthony Smith

    How active are you on the forum?

    I've been checking on the forums a lot more regularly as of late, I'd say a couple times a day for the past week or two!
  15. Anthony Smith

    YouTube Views Milestone 6.01M total Views

    reactions are such a weird grey area in legality that I'd encourrage you to find other ways (in addition to what your doing) to be involved in fandom culture in case either rights holders or the bots decide to turn on your content. Think of it as a plan B mixed with a massive value add for your...
  16. Anthony Smith

    Request I would like for anyone to review my channel.

    appearing to have energy doesn't really require much energy, it's part energy, part editing, part planning, and part charisma. I believe in you!
  17. Anthony Smith

    YouTube Views Milestone 6.01M total Views

    wow, is it just reaction content you're working on or are you getting into explainer content and theory crafting too?
  18. Anthony Smith

    YouTube I need help

    honestly if you're having that issue just make something, keep making things until you build up to something awesome, it'll develop your skills and your feel for things. diamonds don't become shiny over night, it takes a lot of work and time to get them there!