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    Unboxings & Reviews Are you an avid vlogger on the go? MIC REVIEW!

    didnt even notice. doesn't sound bad at all
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    Entertainment K.A.A.N - Denzel [BORUTO AMV]

    K.A.A.N - Denzel [BORUTO AMV]
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    Single Player Games or Multiplayer Games

    I think there is a balance of single player and multiplayer tbh. But the big game producers are pushing multiplayer for nothing but revenue. Example, Fortnite. A multiplayer game that has ingame currencies to buy skins etc. You will be seeing your friend with the top of the line outfits you...
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    I need a new mouse!

    in my opinion, wired mouses are always the way to go for gaming. Wireless mouses also drains their batteries very quick in my opinion. The mouse i use isnt anything high-end. 2000dpi, 5 buttons. Got it with a keyboard combo.
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    Unboxings & Reviews Are you an avid vlogger on the go? MIC REVIEW!

    a 19$ condesor mic? a pretty good find tbh. wheres the sound test?
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    PC Collab group for almost every PC game!

    If you have the following games and would like to collab with a group of awesome people, join our discord! -CS:GO -Rainbow6Siege -Rocket League -GMOD -Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 -Golf with Your Friends -Call of Duty -PUBG -Shellshock live -Stick Fight The Game -UNO...
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    Comedy WELCOME TO RAM RANCH | Rainbow6Siege Funny Moments #2

    Rated M for if you're a kid please don't watch. Especially if you're parents are around.. Please leave constructive criticism
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    Service Request HELP NEEDED!!!

    try making animation of funny moments of big youtubers videos, they may even feature you. never know
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    YouTube why i dont like collabs

    collabing with strangers is the hardest thing no lie. But spend time with them maybe. things would run smoother overtime
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    YouTube Video lengths and Tips?

    I'd say it depends on how long you can entertain. How addictive your content is. I havent watched your videos to say i know what you are about but here is what i personally enjoy. 8mins on a not so much of a commentary video 12mins of a commentary video 16-20mins on a comedic gameplay video.
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    Upload Milestone 800 uploads

    Dang dude, thats a crazy amount. Good job man
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    Comedy THIS IS 2018 | CSGO Deathmatch Funny Moments #9

    THIS IS 2018 | CSGO Deathmatch Funny Moments #9 Constructive criticism guys!
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    YouTube should i stop making videos because im unoriginal

    what games you got? lets get collabing
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    YouTube should i stop making videos because im unoriginal

    come on bro, put in some brain juice. Surround your self with creative friends who can also pitch in ideas then start grinding quality content
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    Yanny VS Laurel (Trending)

    The interpretation of what someone hears comes with age/growth speed. As one gets older their ears wont be able to hear certain frequencies or focus on lower frequencies, while young persons can hear low and high frequencies. So now seeing that most of us are "young" (40 and under), its all in...
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    Comedy TERRIBLE COMEDY | Rainbow6Siege Funny Moments #1

    Leave constructive criticism :)
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    PC RainbowSix or CSGO comedy collab

    Hey guys, those of you that know what my channel mainly consists of if funny moments of other people in R6S and CSGO. I dont speak in my videos however I do speak if you're wondering. Please note that i do accept controversial humor in my videos, so you can be yourself ;) If you guys are funny...
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    new profile pic does it look better

    Dont really know what your old one looks like, but im not sure if its the color of the T or the color of the background, but the choice of colors arent pleasing. try different colors to contrast