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  1. Hyderpony

    Subscriber Milestone 16,000k Subs

    I have now past 16 k Subs on my channel.
  2. Hyderpony

    YouTube Views Milestone Channel over 7,000,000 million View

    My channel now have over 7million views
  3. Hyderpony

    Service Male Voice Actor looking to help others in the Freedom Community

    I done voice work before. Some of my voice are on:
  4. Hyderpony

    Subscriber Milestone 15,000

    My channel now has over 15,000k subs. Wow that was fast
  5. Hyderpony

    Subscriber Milestone 14,000

    I have now past 14,000 subs on my channel.
  6. Hyderpony

    Subscriber Milestone 13,000

    I don’t understand how as I don’t work for YouTube but I must been something right.
  7. Hyderpony

    Subscriber Milestone 13,000

    I’m pleased to announce that my channel has got over 13,000 subscribers.
  8. Hyderpony

    Other Milestone YouTube Memberships

    I got emojis that I am using. I was surprise I was able to add membership considering my sub numbers.
  9. Hyderpony

    Other Milestone YouTube Memberships

    I have now have YouTube Memberships on my channel.
  10. Hyderpony

    YouTube Views Milestone 6.01M total Views

    I do have lots of other videos that not reactions. I started doing vlogs when I started doing my channel.
  11. Hyderpony

    YouTube Views Milestone 6.01M total Views

    My channel has over 6.01M total Views
  12. Hyderpony

    Media: Reactions Setup Tour

  13. Hyderpony

    Reactions Setup Tour

    Reactions Setup Tour COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies. Any Donations would help...
  14. Hyderpony

    Subscriber Milestone 12,000

    It still growing and now close to 12,500 subs
  15. Hyderpony

    Solved Requirements referral link?

    Um ok, I do have a channel linked with Freedom, I am in good standing and got well over 100.000 monthly views. I never had to apply before as I had the referral link before.
  16. Hyderpony

    Solved Requirements referral link?

    What is the requirements to get a referral link? I am Freedom partner. I go to my Freedom Dashboard and I get: Apply for a referral link via [email protected] or by submitting a ticket. If approved, you will earn a 15% commission for your friends that signed up using that link. Approval is...
  17. Hyderpony

    Subscriber Milestone 12,000

    Well I done it. I am pleased to say that My Channel has now pass 12k subs.
  18. Hyderpony

    Subscriber Milestone 11,000

    Well I done it. I am pleased to say that My Channel has now pass 11k subs.