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  1. Feared Gaming

    YouTube YouTube making monetization criteria even more strict

    I just love how George said in his last video he don't know what will happen with small channels on freedom. BUT YET Freedom posted on Twitter saying they wont be able to keep small channels per YouTube rules.. First of youtube can't say who you have in your network they can say what perks they...
  2. Feared Gaming

    Closed Late Christmas Special Giveaway from the FGSquad

    We are doing a RC Helicopter Giveaway to people that follow the instructions in this video! There is only one rule not mentioned and hate to say this but this is limited to American's only as my mother passed away end of december and I don't have the finances to send the prize out of country. I...
  3. Feared Gaming

    Gaming New YouTube Series

    I didnt realize my mic was picking me up accross the room in both games till i tried recording with my computer mic unplugged. I thought that was the xbox one headset.. I will note that and put in more energy thank you! :) I LOVE feed back!!
  4. Feared Gaming

    Gaming New YouTube Series

    I started a Madden16 NFL Rookie QB Series since it's time of the year for American Football again. I am a BIG Steelers fan and figured this would work. This is my first series recorded using my Elgato60 capture card from the Xbox One.. Let me know your thoughts on game 2 video here!!
  5. Feared Gaming

    CSGO with Adults

    I am looking for some friends to play CSGO with.. I am a adult and would like to find other adults to play with lol. I plan on recording and or live streaming this game. My videos will contain funny moments as I'm not out to play csgo to be a pro player or anything like that. Call Of Duty would...
  6. Feared Gaming

    Just want to say sorry!

    Thank you all for the kind words! :) Glad to be apart of this with you all and thanks for any prayers as well!
  7. Feared Gaming

    Just want to say sorry!

    Thank you!! I am spending as much time with her as I can!!
  8. Feared Gaming

    Just want to say sorry!

    Thank you. I am spending as much time with my mom as I can and still managing to run a company all in the same go. I have still been uploading on youtube it's just been erratic do to such a busy schedule. I even started doing Video Log's just to keep it rolling and i actually enjoy doing VLog's...
  9. Feared Gaming

    Just want to say sorry!

    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to take a minute to say sorry for not being around. No only did I take on a new job but my mom has been battling Lung Cancer and now Bone Cancer for the last 7 months now. She is now in stage 4 so I am trying to spend as much time as I can with her along side...
  10. Feared Gaming

    So i've been thinking.

    I have been with YouTube and Freedom! both for a year now. I have been pushing on YouTube and on Twitch both. No ONLY do I create my own content and idea's I do a lot for charities as well. I work a full time job and still make time to do live streams 4 days a week and post 1 video a week. I...
  11. Feared Gaming

    Gaming What I've been up to!

    Sorry I haven't been around as much as i use to. I have been having a blast Live Streaming and Making videos. We added a bunch more games to our list at the FG Squad Community. Check out my latest Video and let me know what you think. That is a mix from the last 2 months on live streaming for...
  12. Feared Gaming

    Just my thoughts.

    After looking into Hitbox I just have this running through my head. Yes Hitbox is partnered with Freedom! I understand and get that. But being a small youtuber and a small streamer on Twitch why would I want to change from Twitch with a BIG following to Hitbox which is new and does not have as...
  13. Feared Gaming

    PC Playlist 4 Playlist

    How's it going. I am looking for one maybe two people to do Playlist for playlist. I have seen this action work and I would like to put this into our channels. I'm a PC gamer and we could also do some videos together as well. I'm 4 months old 22 subs and I upload on a schedule of (M/W/F). Games...
  14. Feared Gaming

    Gaming Hi there, itzTitan here!

    Welcome to the family!!
  15. Feared Gaming

    PC Looking for youtubers to collab with

    Hey i'm a newer youtuber that plays Minecraft on all levels. Let me know if your looking for another person!! Skype: xdaxfeared
  16. Feared Gaming

    Gaming Skype Gaming Group to help each other grow.

    Hey i was removed from the skype group and i was just wondering why?
  17. Feared Gaming

    What do you think of Call Of Duty now ?

    I think COD series is trying to get to advanced. I personally believe the game died at Ghost and Advance Warefare. I personally would like to switch to Battle Field but my friends and I still play some BO2 :)
  18. Feared Gaming

    PC Looking for a PC Collaboration

    Got it thanks!!
  19. Feared Gaming

    PC Looking for a PC Collaboration

    can add me xdaxfeared message me Freedom to let me know who you are :)
  20. Feared Gaming

    Gaming Skype Gaming Group to help each other grow.

    I sent you a Request.. xdaxfeared :)