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    Gaming Funny Little Montage

    Heyo Name is sheepy recently been posting videos about the highly rated ps4 game dreams! It has all the good memes in it and some gameplay if you're into that stuff let me know! Also tell me what you think about it?
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    Service Request Looking For Paid Editor

    Heyo name is Sheepy! I dabble in editing myself but lately I had to get 2 jobs and its extremely difficult to upload now. So what i'm looking for is and editor who's willing to build a long term partnership or just wants to take up some work. I do not pay by hour but based on the amount of work...
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    Service Free Banner/Thumbnail For Honest Review

    Hello fellow youtubers of all sizes. My name is Sheepy. I will make one youtube banner or logo for and honest review of my channel and no not like good job but like..edgar allen poe. Give me the lows and highs put some time into it. I'm not asking for your subscription just overall and honest...
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    Let me know what you think. Also how long did you stay and why? :P
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    Gaming Spiderman Honest Review

    Heyo guys its sheepy back with some more gaming if you are into that stuff we'll check this out!
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    GFX Graphic Design Channel! HeyGuys!

    Woah you're channel art is so cool like literally breath taking! I see the time you take into your work def see you growing!
  7. SheepDreams

    Life Photo a day Timelapse for 8 years!

    That's insane 8 years of work!
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    Music One sheep and a music video!

    Hey ya'll just thought i share this with you guys it literally took ages to make!
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    Tech Hello. Who needs support?

    I thought you had videos so i clicked lol. Hey drawing sounds pretty fun and so does music!
  10. SheepDreams

    Entertainment Suave Youngin Channel Introduction

    Damn you grew so fast i checked you out a few times and you were like at 1,000 now your literally 383 subs above congrats!
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    Comedy Hello Everyone/ Glad to be a part of Freedom

    I wish to check you out mate but you're channel link isin't working! Youre on tv woah you're famous! ^-^
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    Entertainment Its all about me!

    Hey welcome back!
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    Gaming Hey

    Welcome hope you enjoy your stay! ^-^
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    Comedy Name's Sheepy

    Hello! I'm always striving for the best and I made this short trailer let me know what you think! ^-^
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    Anyone want to be twitter friends?

    Hey my twitter is just dry lol need some friends! If anyone wants to share memes together and stuff let me know!
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    Request Entertaining/ Funny or nah!??!

    Hey guys name's sheepy! Just wondering if you give this quick trailer a review. How long did you watch it and why? Was it entertaining did the thumbnail catch your eye! Thanks so much ^-^
  17. SheepDreams

    Official My Future at Freedom! + News

    Thanks for being admin mate. Take care and i hope you will find what your truly looking for. Best of luck! ^_^