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  1. East Lantic

    Service Free logo design!

    Hey thanks for the reply, could you link me your youtube channel and give any hints on what you want?
  2. East Lantic

    Service Free logo design!

    Hello everyone ! I'm learning how to use illustrator, and to get better at it, I need requests so i can up my skills. Completely for free! No attached strings just me trying to get better at illustrator. So it's a win win situation: You pay nothing and get a logo in return and I get to practice...
  3. East Lantic

    YouTube Views Milestone 60 views

    congratulations sir, keep it up!
  4. East Lantic

    What's your dream

    Become a pilot one day, actually im kind of a pilot right now, since im in theory training and will start flying in a few months :)
  5. East Lantic

    YouTube Daily Uploading?

    Its better to put out videos with high quality, so if you can guarantee quality everyday, go for it. If you can only guarantee quantity, don’t.
  6. East Lantic

    Gaming Hello from Brazil!! Nice to meet you all!! ^_^

    Welccome on the froums :)
  7. East Lantic

    YouTube The big YouTubers get bigger and the small YouTubers stay small

    It sounds unfair but remember these guys have been on youtube for 5 + years publishing contect weekly, atleast, most of them. There's always some channels that grow superquickly out of nowhere
  8. East Lantic

    Resources Free copyright house music

    Thanks, appreciate it :)
  9. East Lantic

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 Subs :D

    Congratulations, thats a huge number and a dream for me :)
  10. East Lantic

    does gaming videos work?

    Gaming video's are a great way to start, looking at your channel, it doesn't look like you put much effort in uploading them though. There's no thumbnails which automatically makes you show that you don't care about the video's. I would never click a video without a thumbnail
  11. East Lantic

    YouTube Ok, I Need Your Help Freedom Family

    Hello there i like the effort you put into your youtube channel. The thing you do the most are series, like part 1 part 2 part 3 etc. It's a great way to keep people sticking to your channel, but would you click a video that's on part 2 or higher? I wouldn't, and people won't catch up on these...
  12. East Lantic

    Upload Milestone Spotify approved my music :)

    Hey first of all, thanks for your interest in my music, in my signature down below you have a link to my spotify :) Let me know what you think of them, im always highly interested in opinions on my music, negative or positive !
  13. East Lantic

    Review4Review Can you help me? :)

    The first thing i see when i go on your channel is that the thumbnails looks a bit unprofessional, i personally wouldn't click a video with a bad thumbnail. I can't make up what the video is about when i see your titles, you add a lot of hooks which makes me confused. Just try to summarize the...
  14. East Lantic

    Should I use a facecam?

    Depends, some people have a facecam but have zero face expression, that just takes up space of the video, if you're going to use it use your face expression. Then i like it :)