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  1. Luketh

    Upload Milestone 350 uploaded videos

    Crushing it mate!
  2. Luketh

    Jetboard Joust – Top Five Reasons You Need to Try

    This is probably the greatest piece of media on the internet.
  3. Luketh

    Gaming Hello! I want to show all of you the magic of video gaming

    Very cool idea Steje! Love the logo too!
  4. Luketh

    Other Milestone I finally finished my channel banner

    Just had a look and the banner looks mint!
  5. Luketh

    YouTube Views Milestone 500 Views? Okay!

    Congratulations! Everyone has to start somewhere and you're making moves! Great Milestone
  6. Luketh

    Upload Milestone 350 uploaded videos

    Very awesome milestone, congratulations! Obviously a lot of hard work
  7. Luketh

    Unboxings & Reviews Pokemon trading card pulls

    Great video my dude, the pulls videos are hella moreish. (y) (Y)
  8. Luketh

    Comedy Hello guys , I've just starting my animal YT Channel

    Those are some sweet animals my dude.
  9. Luketh

    Forums Welcome to the new forums! - Part 1 by MrDJSilva

    This forum looks good on my eyeballs.