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  1. The Eternal Dreamers

    "Never Gonna Give You Up" Rick Astley (classical Cover) - the Eternal Dreamers

    Never gonna give you up (classical cover) originally by Rick Astley Performed by Sebby Woldt of The Eternal Dreamers facebook: The dreamers started in the fall of 2011 as a project created by Sebby to give a name to his musical creations. Sebby just...
  2. The Eternal Dreamers

    YouTube RIP MY ADS

    my ad revenue was down a lot, but it's perked up a little cause I have some subscribers that have youtube red. if i didn't have them i'd be earning a lot less
  3. The Eternal Dreamers

    How do They Look?

    that looks awesome
  4. The Eternal Dreamers

    YouTube Calling all singers! Could you be touring with Demi Lovato?

    well, I don't really know any of the songs they want you to cover, but I might as well give it a shot. *warms up vocals* now to learn if i'm actually an ok singer
  5. The Eternal Dreamers

    Music May the Forth be with you

    hello everyone! today (may 4th) I have officially released my 2nd star wars album (star wars - classical strikes back) on itunes/spotify/etc and my cover of the star wars main title on my channel. enjoy! itunes link...
  6. The Eternal Dreamers

    YouTube What Questions do you have about audio technology? (working on new series)

    so, software for recording game commentary and how to make the most out of recording in audacity. i'll add them to the list
  7. The Eternal Dreamers

    YouTube What Questions do you have about audio technology? (working on new series)

    Hello, everyone! I'm Working on a new series for my channel on Audio Technology, and I'm wondering what big questions people have about audio technology. so far my list includes 1. Microphones - how they work and the different types 2.home recording basics - what gear can you not do without...
  8. The Eternal Dreamers

    Solved 2 Years With Freedom and Now?

    email [email protected] and they will re-review your channel and you should get another invite
  9. The Eternal Dreamers

    Solved I am unlinked from freedom

    your earnings from when you were with freedom will still be paid. if you email them using [email protected] you can get them to review your channel and get invited again if your channel qualifies
  10. The Eternal Dreamers

    Solved monetizing disabled

    there's a chance that your monetization was disabled by youtube/google because of the content on your channel or because of "invalid click activity" if it was either of those, they should have sent you an email
  11. The Eternal Dreamers

    Service music

    feel free to feature any of the music that is on my channel
  12. The Eternal Dreamers

    YouTube 1 viral video.

    I've had a few videos gain 1-200k views in a few days, I had one of my star wars cover gain 1.3 mil views in a month, but I wouldn't really consider them "going viral". viral to me is at least 5-7 mil views very quickly
  13. The Eternal Dreamers

    Network Freedom auto unlink mychannel don't have reason

    freedom will still pay you any earnings that occurred with you were partnered with them as long as your channel was not terminated. the earnings in the dashboard usually update around the 15th of the month. I would also contact supp[email protected] and see what they say about you being unlinked...
  14. The Eternal Dreamers

    YouTube 10k Views Policy?

    it does effect people that are part of a network but for the first 10k view you are earning very little money