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  1. Film Tech

    Battlefront Screenshots for Thumbnails

    Film Tech submitted a new resource: Battlefront Screenshots for Thumbnails - A wide collection of epic battlefront screenshots that you can use in your thumbnails Read more about this resource...
  2. Film Tech

    GFX Thumbnails Battlefront Screenshots for Thumbnails 2016-08-04

    I take cinematic photos of battlefront. If you want to use any of these photos for your thumbnails, all you need to do is credit me through one of the links on the site. A follow on one of those links would be awesome too :)
  3. Film Tech

    Subscriber Milestone 200 Subs!

    My main channel FilmTech has now hit 200 subs :D I'm 1/5 of the way to 1000 :D
  4. Film Tech

    Subscriber Milestone 200 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!

    I have just reached 200 subscribers on my Hitfilm tutorial channel: Hitfilm Quicktips :D and I am 7 subs away from 200 on my main channel :D
  5. Film Tech

    Tips & Tricks Tutorials for Hitfilm [Editing Software]

    These are some of my tutorials I think you will benefit from. Don't forget to subscribe if you found them useful. Subscribe here -> Hitfilm 4 Pro is free! Download it here:
  6. Film Tech

    Review4Review review for review?

    Yeah I do :)
  7. Film Tech

    Solved Position Music never un claims copyright strikes

    Its been hours now and they still haven't removed the strike... How long is this going to take... Something needs to be done.
  8. Film Tech

    YouTube Views Milestone 10k Views

    You know it ;)
  9. Film Tech

    Review4Review review for review?

    You have a great quality mic, and video. One thing I would recommend is finding a subject to talk about while the rest of the video is playing. That way you can keep the viewers more entertained. Although if you just want the focus to be on the clips then that's all good. You have a good mic and...
  10. Film Tech

    YouTube Views Milestone 10k Views

    It is amazing... Just thinking about it 10,000 people have seen what I have made. Putting that into perspective that's like 50 movie theaters :o Youtube truly is amazing and all the support I have been getting here with freedom is great. I think I have gained at least 15 new subscribers from...
  11. Film Tech

    Offering Need your channel reviewed?

    I'm a different sort of channel. But a review would be great as I am growing very slowly and I think my content is good quality. I am making a channel trailer soon btw.
  12. Film Tech

    Offering I'm giving feedback. Post your channels Btw I will be making a channel trailer soon :)
  13. Film Tech

    Request Channel Review Please!

    Ok First off. Your sound quality for your food reviews needs improving. I would recommend the Rode VideoMic Go as it is a cheap good quality mic. However your gaming videos audio is great very clean. You should check out it could be useful for making thumbnails. It has a very easy to...
  14. Film Tech

    Request video review

    Some music in the intro would be nice :) But good content! Great commentary too!
  15. Film Tech

    Request Please leave a review!

    Ok the first thing I would try and do is get rid of those black bars on the side. Even if it means playing with a smaller sized screen. Having your aspect ratio at 16:9 is always the best and will result in a much nicer looking video. Also I think your thumbnails could be better. There is a...
  16. Film Tech

    Request Channel Review

    Hey guys. I want to know what I can improve on my channel and what it would take to get more subscribers cause I seem to be growing very slowly.
  17. Film Tech

    Subscriber Milestone 150 SUBS!!!!!!

    Thanks everyone :) @MultiKd123 It's a short film/ Cinematic travel videos channel. I go around New Zealand [Place where they filmed the lord of the rings] and shoot cinematic videos :)
  18. Film Tech

    Subscriber Milestone 150 SUBS!!!!!!

    YAY finally 150 slowly working my way up to that 1000 xD So happy :D