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  1. FrenchFryGaming

    VR Collabs and Races Open

    I know my last post didnt make much since so i'm going into further details so you know what its about, it would save time as well when replying to be in races. First and foremost what we are about. We are a group of friends that have started this channel to play games we enjoy, and relived in...
  2. FrenchFryGaming

    Nintendo Donkey Kong 64 121 Banana Challenge Race

    Hello everyone we are looking 1-2 more gamers to join in on our Donkey Kong 64 Race, all you need is the emulation game, a controller is recommended, and a good mic for commentary. If you are interested here are the rules. No glitches no speed up or slow downs, or turbos Must get all...
  3. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Races open!!!!!

    We VSCollabs, a group of friends that are doing races to entertain, show off some gaming, and enjoy the company of each other. We are happy to announce that we are looking for friends to do gaming with. We do races, challenges, and even collabs. Races currently open are list below here. A Link...
  4. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Lookinhg for Gamers for Races

    Hello fellow gamers, Im looking for gamers that are intereted in doing A Link to the Past Randomizer Races, with trackers and some fun commentary gaming. Friends we re loking for some good times, there are no losers or winners, but friends and gaming. If interested let me know. There not...
  5. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Making A Racing Twitch Game Group -Open to All-

    Welcome everyone, glad you have took a interest in my idea for a collab, and racing Twitch page. I like to take a moment on talking about what would be occurring on the twitch and or Youtube channel. As the title suggest I looking for a team of 4 gamers that like to collab, have fun and enjoy...
  6. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda LIVE! | A Link To The Past Randomized ★Master Sword★

    Welcome everyone to the my live playthroughs of The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Randomizers. I a big fan of these games and enjoy both this and Ocarina of Time as well. But A Link to the Past will have a place in my heart. Anyway this is my Master Sword run, or Pedestal is what its...
  7. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Im A Spicy Meatball... On a Quest to fine Garlic Triangles

    Im a spicy meatball out to find garlic triangles, or in this case the pieces of the triforce. this seed was really fun easy and above all smooth sailing. And this was some record timing runes. I wonder if I can do even better? Still I'm not trapped in a pile of noodles but an adventure of...
  8. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Resident Evil 6 with Haloz

    Playing Resident Evil 6 with Haloz. We finish this
  9. FrenchFryGaming

    GFX Request Overlay for The Legend of Zelda Randmoizer Series

    Hello Freedom Family. I have been streaming A Link to the Past Randomizer, and will be working on Ocarina of Time and Wind waker as well. So I like a twitch overlay for this if possible. I really would be thankful. I like a chat area, alert areas for the following: Donations, Subscribers...
  10. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Quest of the Master Sword... Wait Dont I need 3 Pendants

    Welcome back everyone to more of the randomizer, sorry for the delay, the internet was out and I could do much. But now Im back and going to get videos out to you all for entertainment. Tonight's stream was about pulling the master sword out of the pedestal and that sounds easy right, just 3...
  11. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Ganon You Must Be Defeated!!!

    Upon wanting to complete the game and defeat Ganon, there are so many reasons why he's been annoying on this seed. Other than all my items being everywhere... But all the keys are scattered as well. Good thing the boss key to Ganon's tower was trolling me, cause then I would have raged...
  12. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Chaos In The Dark World

    thanks so much
  13. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Chaos In The Dark World

    I really had no idea on what I was doing on this seed, since he didnt send the permalink for me to read and get idea on where to go
  14. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Chaos In The Dark World

    Welcome back everyone to my playthrough for the randomizer, lost of new things i have done for my stream including added a brand new bot, and some commands to have fun with. Anyway this seed was made by my friend Haloz, and it was called Get *bad Word* lol. With one hit kills, starting in the...
  15. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Go Dragonite!!! Find My Triforce Pieces!!!

    I was tempting to maybe a run I will try it though I dont think i could do that
  16. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Go Dragonite!!! Find My Triforce Pieces!!!

    Welcome back everyone to another randomizer triforce hunt, this time Im playing as Dragonite and looking round Hyrule for pieces of the triforce, this seed was rather interesting one, and was one of them seeds that starts good and really get done quick. completed in under 2.5 hours. Im open to...
  17. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Randomizer Streams and So many Rages, Successes, and Me wanting a Lanturn

    Indeed and Im accepting everyone to send me seeds
  18. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Randomizer Streams and So many Rages, Successes, and Me wanting a Lanturn

    The first of many of the randomizers I will be taking on, this was a triforce hun, I have to get 20 pieces of triforce to complete the game right, not as simple, items are not in the original areas and I have to utilize my memory of the game to get anything. I still did pretty good time. And...