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  1. Orbtheprophet

    Gaming Gaming Group looking for New Members

    Hey everyone, I'm Orb, a founder of WinMore Productions. We create gaming content for YouTube and Twitch. We do some filming offline, too! If you wanna join, than fill out this application, thank you so much! 1.Name: 2. Timezone: 3. Discord: 4. Age: 5. YouTube/twitch: 6. What skills do you...
  2. Orbtheprophet

    Gaming Looking for Editors, GFX, and Gamers

    Hey guys! I’m looking for people who can edit gaming videos and possibly be in them as well. We’re Gilded Phoenix Studios, a Start-Up Multimedia company that makes content for entertainment. Right now, we’re focusing on gaming videos on YouTube. My group makes 7 uploads a week and we have a...
  3. Orbtheprophet

    Gaming Small channel looking to collab

    Hey, looking to collab or make a group with some funny and awesome people, if you're interested reply here or just add me on discord:Orb#0001 We do: Funny Moments Let's Plays Montages Walkthroughs Podcasts and more!
  4. Orbtheprophet

    Gaming Looking for people! (PC gaming, podcasts, streams)

    Heyo everyone, welcome to Gilded Phoenix Studios! We're a YouTube channel that’s coming back from a hiatus, stronger than ever! I’m Orb, one of the founders of GPS, and a film student in college. I, along with my co-founder Onyx, have created a production company called WinMore Productions; a...