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  1. Peter Villabroza

    YouTube Views Milestone 500 Views? Okay!

    So far so good I got in my view count. Therefore, I have to upload videos week after week for milestones in order to reach my achieve. Not too bad I got but still, great. Does anybody have any achievements so far on YouTube?
  2. Peter Villabroza

    Other Milestone This so far I've done as a YouTube Artist

    So far, I only have 18 subscribers and about 150 views total in five videos I got. I know its a long way to go which I have only a year to reach that count. It may take a lot of knowledge to build that skill, but in certainties, I still consistently upload videos every weekend and like I may...
  3. Peter Villabroza

    YouTube Who are your favorite Youtubers and why?

    Art Channels like: Kazone Art - Kim Jung Gi and gang for their insande dynamic works Proko - Stan Prokopenko used various methods of drawing from Loomis to Hampton Draw with Jazza - Cartoon and animation designs that help me boost from various mediums ModernDayJames - Based on a inspired Kim...
  4. Peter Villabroza

    Recent banner I made.

    I used Canva to design my own banner on YouTube. Here's how mine look like. Not much I see on my old art, but currently its bland and I am making my own new ones in the coming days
  5. Peter Villabroza

    Official Get COLLABORATING Now! (New Collaboration Project)

    I accept the challenge and this will boost me without dodging. I am at 18 Subscribers and 5 Watch Hours and I have a long way to go
  6. Peter Villabroza

    how old are you?

    I am 20 years old and I am 6 months away to be 21.
  7. Peter Villabroza

    Entertainment its been a while

    Hey JAXD13, I'm ZennerZoniy and I just started my YouTube channel on Thanksgiving break 2020. The last time I've done YouTube was on May 2013 and I haven't done a YouTube content since. My old account I had I forgot my password with old Gaming videos I've done including Roblox Videos. In other...