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  1. Crazylawrence

    Offering Full Channel Review Thread

    I'm no stranger to the world of YouTube and the Freedom! family and that is why I want to try and give everyone an in-depth review praising and criticising every single element of your channel. Some may be harsh, but it may be what you need to push yourself to be the best content creator that...
  2. Crazylawrence

    Subscriber Milestone 14,000

    14,000 subscribers is a wonderful achievement! Subscribers want both great content and consistency and with a quick glance at your channel, you seem to be ticking both those boxes. Keep up the great work!
  3. Crazylawrence

    Fun and Games Let's Count to 100,000!

    This is still going? Okay 9322
  4. Crazylawrence

    Gone But Not Forgotten - 2018 in review

    2018 has been a great year, but when you take a hard look back, it has also been one full of sadness. Back in January, the loss of Jon Paul Steuer, the former actor who played Alexander Rozhenko in Star Trek: TNG, as well as Simon Shelton who was a childhood classic actor for Teletubbies...
  5. Crazylawrence

    YouTube Is everyone keeping up with the Pewdiepie vs Tseries?

    Let's be honest, even if T-Series does obtain more subscribers than our current reigning channel Pewdiepie, not many people would really care. T-Series is a private business mainly in the heart of India and without needing to be said, businesses such as these require many people to operate...
  6. Crazylawrence

    FFF This guy dropped one thread.. then dipped!

    Yes I know it is a Saturday, the original FFF was created for Friday but I forgot to push it to the Announcement page, so it's delayed once again :/ That's right, I am back with this week's roundup of news from all around the Freedom! Forums. You may have noticed, I haven't been around on the...
  7. Crazylawrence

    Watch Time Milestone 1.4 Million Minutes Watched

    Beep Boop Totally not taking this for something :P
  8. Crazylawrence

    FFF We've rebranded, FFF style.

    Hello Freedom! Family, welcome to the weekly Freedom! Forum Friday. It's official, the FFF has rebranded and look at how smooth it looks! As you may be aware, there was no FFF last week due to our new scheduling responsibilities announced inside the Community Newsletter. If you require a...
  9. Crazylawrence

    Fun and Games Count to 40 before a mod posts

    I'm surprised this thing is actually still going, but that's a negative on this chain.
  10. Crazylawrence

    FFF We fall. We adapt. We succeed. #FreedomFamily

    Hello Freedom! Family, welcome to the weekly Freedom! Forum Friday. It has definitely been a while since I have created the FFF for the community, I have been fairly busy with personal issues so luckily Nerd and Zeke were able to keep us up-to-date during my inactivity. However, now I am back...
  11. Crazylawrence

    Solved adding new channel denied..

    As everyone else has said, you will be best to contact Support at this stage.
  12. Crazylawrence

    News Charity: Science to fight hunger in Brazil!

    This is such a good movement. Hunger is a problem in many parts of the world as we speak, and the more we can work together as communities to eliminate these problems, the more we can push the world to become a better place in general.
  13. Crazylawrence

    FFF Motm ! Giveaway and newsletter, soon ~!

    100 views over a single night, that's pretty good, especially for the size of your channel. May I ask why you thought nobody would see it? Was it the type of content that it was or a unfortunate schedule time or something else? If you are able to make a suitable expanded version of that...
  14. Crazylawrence

    Community I don't remember if I introduced myself, but here it is again...

    Final Fantasy :O - Which is your favourite game out of the series so far? I would have to go for either Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy X.
  15. Crazylawrence

    FFF Sending our commiserations to Avicii

    That's the saddest part about it! It goes to show that you never know when your last day is so you should make the most of every one you have!