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  1. AreYouGaming

    Podcast Behind the Keyboard || Indie YouTuber Interviews

    I have been kicking the idea of doing something like this around for a little while now, and I think that I would be interested in starting with some people from some of the communities that I am a part of. The idea is about a half an hour interview with each person and I will edit together a...
  2. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Mad World(s) || World of One #1

    What to do when the world you created suddenly has some kind of person or thing on it that you've never seen before? Obviously, you go and follow it through some weird lighthouse that leads you to another world. Duh.
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    Gaming Mummy Dragon || Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap #2

    PC. I'm pretty sure it's not out on the PS4, at least not yet.
  4. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Captain Flog || Conarium #4

    Time to check out a base camp that is deep inside of a cave. Something has happened though, and once we get in contact with an actual person, we find the only way to them is through submarine. Underwater, here I come!
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    Gaming Mummy Dragon || Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap #2

    That is PC. I'm not sure it's on anything else right now, actually.
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    Gaming Mummy Dragon || Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap #2

    I need to work on my platforming skills, obviously, either that or this game is just really hard. Anyway, we head through the Desert area and then get to fight the Mummy Dragon. Check it out and remember to leave a like and a comment!
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    Gaming Facehugger Eggs?! || Conarium #3

    Well, the deeper we go, the more screwed up things seem to get. This time around, we find some... well, what can only be described as facehugger eggs from the Alien movies. Pretty awesome though, and this game looks fantastic.
  8. AreYouGaming

    Gaming The Frozen North || Phantom Trigger #4

    Sure, it might not be the north, since really there isn't much of a direction in this game, but we can assume, right? It's always the frozen north, so yeah. Anyway, we are getting more glimpses of the real world and it seems something bad is happening to the mind of our main character.
  9. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Bad Kitty! || Conarium #2

    After exploring the cabins and finding a puzzle that I couldn't figure out, I head deeper into the research areas of the facility. There, I find a plant that has some rather odd properties and well... some crazy shizz happens. Check it out!
  10. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Dragon Flog || Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap #1

    Time to check out a classic platformer, for the first time. I had never heard of this series, aside from Adventure Island, until now, and I don't understand why, with my love of platformer games. Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to delve into it!
  11. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Boss Victory! || Phantom Trigger #3

    After that last video, I really needed a victory in this game to make me want to keep going. After another little difficult area, we come to this area's boss and after a little trial and error, we finally kick its ass! Now, on to the next impossible task!
  12. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Beyond the Mountain || Conarium #1

    It's very Alien-esque. I really am enjoying uncovering more of the story of what happened to the people at this base.
  13. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Beyond the Mountain || Conarium #1

    Time to explore a world of madness and monsters that is based off of a story by the master of horror himself, H.P. Lovecraft. This game is almost like a sequel to his story At The Mountains Of Madness, and it looks fantastic. I cannot wait to delve deeper.
  14. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Witchy Lady || The Vagrant #2

    Time to take on a big boss, something called SoulRend, which means serious business. After getting our asses handed to us, we meet a couple of new characters. There seems to be a reoccurring BOOBS *Ahem* I mean theme here.
  15. AreYouGaming

    Gaming I WILL BEAT YOU! || Phantom Trigger #2

    Just this one area took me waaaay too long to beat. I finally get it, but still, it took a lot of frustration. This game is not too easy, unless I just suck, which is always a choice as well. Anyway, check it out and make sure to leave a Like!
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    Gaming Take That, Piggy! || The Vagrant #1

    An RPG and a hack and slash with decent animations and really intricate combat? Sign me up! It reminds me a lot of Dragon's Crown, for those that played that game that was on the PS3 and the Vita.
  17. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Earl tha MVP || Renowned Explorers #5

    Turns out that anything you throw at Earl, he seems to finish, even when it seems like everything is against him. Too bad he fumbles a little in the big fight and now, it's back to the drawing board to see if I can make it back.
  18. AreYouGaming

    Gaming The Sewers || Dead Cells #4

    After a little exploring with my new powers, we find another area that I've never been to before, The Toxic Sewers. Sure, go there, they said. It'll be fun, they said. It was not fun.
  19. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Exploration || Renowned Explorers #3

    Time to do a bit more exploring in the Highlands, which I hope to someday escape and actually do the other maps in this game. We earn a lot of points this time around and actually spend some of them as well. Here's to hoping for more progress in the future!
  20. AreYouGaming

    Gaming Very Easy?! || Spaceship Looter

    Turns out that I either suck at this game, which could be the case, or this game is pretty hard. I'm usually on the fence when it comes to skill level in these games, but this just must not have been my lucky day. I still say check it out!