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  1. pulse

    YouTube Video Editing Software??

    AE & SV they're totally not cracked
  2. pulse

    News Patreon rolls back fee plans after massive backlash

    That is mental, I can't believe that they did that.
  3. pulse

    YouTube Retention and Tag relevancy!

    Nice tip. I'll be sure to make use of it.
  4. pulse

    YouTube Gaming Youtuber to watch under 100k subs

    I goofed real hard.
  5. pulse

    News Bad News from TubeBuddy!

    With stats.
  6. pulse

    Game suggestions for live streams?

  7. pulse

    Community Holiday Videos?

    Late reply but this is an amazing idea.
  8. pulse

    YouTube What are your guys fav YouTubers

    Nudah. Jev. SoaR Butters. - -
  9. pulse

    News Bad News from TubeBuddy!

    VidIQ is more accurate in my opinion. The only thing that was good about TubeBuddy was the clean and simple GUI design.
  10. pulse

    YouTube Why did you start doing YouTube?

    Originally, I started as one of those kids that used to snipe on COD.
  11. pulse

    YouTube I am looking for a specific website !!

    Do you mean a video recorded in 3D or something?
  12. pulse

    I Want To Show Off My Work

    Magic Bullet Looks is a color correction program with a lot more features and "effects" compared to default photoshop.
  13. pulse

    YouTube What would be the freakiest part of having 1 million subs?

    The fact that over one million people have found your content/channel worthy enough to be on their subscription list.
  14. pulse

    YouTube Have I just stumbled along something magical?

    Fair enough, thanks again.
  15. pulse

    YouTube Have I just stumbled along something magical?

    Thanks for clearing that up, you're a beast. Would you recommend that I should leave it on or off?
  16. pulse

    Not for faint hearted

    Did you make that fire thingy in particular? If you did, that looks amazing one of the best particular explosions I've seen.
  17. pulse

    YouTube Have I just stumbled along something magical?

    I was messing around with my YouTube settings and I stumbled across an option: By default my "channel recommendations" were on the setting selected in the picture above. Does this mean mean what I think it actually means or does it mean something else by "channel recommendations?" Does this...
  18. pulse

    YouTube 100 Active Subs

    It would be amazing to have more than 100+ actives, that would get me so motivated.
  19. pulse

    YouTube Music and Thumbnail Copyright Laws

    You can just leave it as it is, leaving a disclaimer doesn't change anything, you'll still get a content ID strike either way. However with none copyright music, It's your choice if you want to credit them or not.
  20. pulse

    YouTube WHAT ARE YOUR 2018 GOALS?

    Goals; 10,000 channel views. 50+ subscribers. A few actives.