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  1. RockieGO

    Lego Star Wars Helmet Collection | #Shorts #lego

    During AUG, i did a Lego weekend build. i was able to do all the Star Wars helmet and Baby Yoda. only one hour Stream, but still had fun.
  2. RockieGO

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 subs .. again

    Yeah i had my brave solders, watching the few videos i post and stuck with me. :)
  3. RockieGO

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 subs .. again

    4 years ago (this month) i restarted this channel. But do to health and other things, i left for awhile. i was a Freedom member back in the day, but left and with people Unsub and youtube purge. But i am back, and should hot 10k sub next year :) lol
  4. RockieGO

    YouTube (Poll) What is most interesting to you?

    being a EX-EMT , all ways got in to the history of medicine and outdated technology. i could get lost in books about midevil times and the early 1800s
  5. RockieGO

    YouTube How to make and finish And a upload A video in one day

    unless you have no life. i wouldn't try to uploaded daily. ;) 2 days or 3 is good for now, till you get a editor. that why your videos are good and not sloppy and hard to watch. UNLESS ; you play SOLO game or something offline. A lot of us just sit and record a full game in one or two...
  6. RockieGO

    Film/Animation If you can pick any eye colour?

    This is cool. been thinking of trying a Drawing pad, but i am not that good on Paper, i would suck even more. lol But been thinking of ordering some purple (normal color is Brown) . ;)
  7. RockieGO

    Forum Milestone 1 year on the Forum Team!

    Nice work. slow some times but still great job.. :p:) i kid mate, you have done a great job and on the ball with help on site and discord. (y) (Y)
  8. RockieGO

    What is the first game that got you into gaming ?

    Commodore 64 was my first CONs . then we got a radio shack Tandy PC with Cassette deck.. and Word base PC games was my life. last CONs i own would be a SNES. lol
  9. RockieGO

    Resources Best Thumbnail

    Best thumbnail every !!
  10. RockieGO

    YouTube How many tags u should put in A video

    Tubebuddy shows you the hit/search of key tags. little green what is nice to get it out there.
  11. RockieGO

    YouTube How many tags u should put in A video

    With Tubbybuddy, i normally fill it up 500/500. stop and think what you say and what can be used as a search point. like the Game title,Game makers, game teams, game format. you could fill a 500 space and more. G/L tube buddy is the best, wish they bring pro member back as a perk
  12. RockieGO

    Gaming Rockie Game Over

    hey guys and ladys, i been a way , for personal health reasons. but i'm slowing coming back to youtube . hoping to get back into Freedom Family. i do Gaming and been trying my hand at unboxing(suck at it). if you could check my channel and let me know what you think.. thanks everyone...
  13. RockieGO

    just had Knee surgery . :'(

    just had Knee surgery . they cleaned it up remove a tumor and 3 Cyis and fixed a tear in the Meniscus tear and some cartilage. sitting here, thinking of putting the Video on YouTube (like a Vlog type). Been talking about it on videos and think it could get views .. Well out for about a week or...
  14. RockieGO

    Am i doing something wrong ?

    just need a basic PCI-e video card. does have to be one of those 200-2000$ ones. 2gb to 4gb can be found for around 30-100$ . what I use for now. and it's good for a start. ( 0.000480 - 0.001574 ZEC ) so far . But yeah, post what you have and they can help. Good luck and welcome to the...
  15. RockieGO

    If you are mining or thinking about mining with Freedom here's something you should know!

    I run mine 24/7 unless I am streaming. but it's running in the background, I forget its on. and I make some money, nothing to buy a yacht. but helps with buying games and upgrade on PC. :) like Koala said it's a start, hope its a start into something bigger. it is still in BETA stage too.
  16. RockieGO

    PCI Riaser ....

    something happened. i deleted the "Crypto Miner" folder. ran it, stay the same. and then I found "" folder (same AppData folder), i deleted : 1. Cache 2. GPUcache 3. Local Storage 4. Deleted the "Crypto Miner" folder. and now this happen.. it moved the PCI riser to the #1...
  17. RockieGO

    PCI Riaser ....

    i'm back... i just picked up a PCI riser USB3 cable setup. and its reading it, but not giving me a Algorithm .. anyone know why or how to fix this? Thanks . :) <3 -*-*-*-
  18. RockieGO

    Equihash at ZERO ?! help!!

    think its the Video Card not supporting the Software or something. all well, might be getting a 1060 soon .
  19. RockieGO

    Network New Partner Dashboard

    NO!!!! go Away!! lol ..
  20. RockieGO

    Network New Partner Dashboard

    finally the "Win a Car" is gone. lol Looks nice, Simple to navigate too, LOVE IT !!!