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  1. Watbadrian

    PC Youtube Group (Were looking for more people to join! ^_^)

    I would love to join but I only have 199 sub so close haha jk XD I have a gg quality mic I have the blue snowball and ill be getting the blue yeti pro soon! My time zone is not that far from you guys mine is pst and I spend a whole day editing a video because I try to give the best quality and...
  2. Watbadrian

    Things that upset you on Youtube.

    when a comment dose not make sense and then get mad at me XD
  3. Watbadrian

    If you could do a collab with anyone who would it be?

    I would love to colab with dashiegames he is so funny!
  4. Watbadrian

    Request Am I Doing Something Wrong?

    What help me grow is promoting my videos to the google community, collaborating with people, and editing my videos really well and funny. It took me a whole year to almost get to 200 subs, you'll get there just try the things I said and you will have 100 subs in no time :D!
  5. Watbadrian

    Need help making video game!

    Hi Zafari! Im Adrian one of the developer add me on Skype my name is Watbadrian you can add Spitfire if you like his name on Skype is spitfire41111 :D (Details will be giving to you on what style we are looking for on Skype if you add us thanks for reading :D)