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  1. Drawyah

    Fun and Games Let's Count to 100,000!

  2. Drawyah

    Comedy I simulated the Area 51 raid to see what would happen...

    I thought I'd try something a little different, simulating the Area 51 raid into Arma 3. It ain't quite a walk in the park but the aliens? They're certainly real!
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    Solved Claim asset cannot be created

    Hey guys, I'm trying to upload a video, but each time I do this error pops up. I don't quite know what it means and with it my video doesn't get published. Any ideas? Thanks,
  4. Drawyah

    GFX Request Looking for a new thumbnail template

    Hey guys, I'm looking to re-do my channel thumbnails to something a lot more appealing than my current set. There are three large channels that do similar content to mine with designs that I'd certainly like to try and replicate. These are: Colonel Failure Matt Davies Squirrel If there is...
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    VLOG New Channel, Vlogging my trips around the world!

    Hey guys, so I've just released my first travel vlog on a new channel from Oslo, Norway onto YouTube. Any feedback on the video, editing and stuff like that would very much be appreciated! Being in the UK, I can easily fly out to continental Europe without much hassle and Ryanair flights are...
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    FFF New Join Requirements and amazing resources!

    Many thanks for the mention!
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    YouTube Views Milestone 1,000,000 VIEWS!

    Today we have hit 1,000,000 lifetime views! We also recently reached 2,300 subscribers, but that's not as interesting. Its also a slightly bittersweet moment as two-fifths of my views come from a single video, showing that my channel is also leaning towards the weaker side too, but its nice to...
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    Closed Two copies of Dovetail Games Fishing Sim World to giveaway!

    Hey guys, With the release of the Fishing January Update, I will be livestreaming some Fishing Sim World on Saturday along with a number of announcements throughout! Dovetail Fishing is definitely something I do need to touch more of on my channel, focusing a lot on Train Sim World and the...
  9. Drawyah

    Almost lifelike graphics - X-Plane 11

    While this may not be the most flight sim oriented place in the world, I thought that you guys may be interested in seeing some of these screenshots I just took in the X-Plane 11 simulator. They really can be stunning sometimes. (Click on the image for the full resolution!)
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    Gaming Add-on Developer Interviews - FSS

    Last weekend was the Flight Sim Show where I spoke to numerous developers anout their products with questions that the community had asked. Feel free to watch the hour-long video below!
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    VLOG We flew a REAL plane...kinda... - 2000 Subscriber special!

    We hit 2,000 subscribers last week! My channel focuses on simulator content, meaning the ability to hop into what I simulate in real-life was always going to be exciting! 2,000 for a channel of my genre is also big. Something that I've worked towards for a while now, but finally having it feels...
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    FFF Discussions, Milestones and... Planes?

    Thanks for the mention! We did out flight today...kinda? The weather wasn't on our side, meaning we'll be trying again next week. We still got a video out of it however! And for the more technically interested, we've got the full flight in 360°! Definitly worth a watch.
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    Subscriber Milestone 2,000 Subscribers + 800,000 Views = I'm going flying?!

    Well we did it, we...kinda flew? The weather wasn't on our side, meaning we'll be trying again next week. We still got a video out of it however! And for the more technically interested, we've got the full flight in 360°! Definitly worth a watch.
  14. Drawyah

    Subscriber Milestone 2,000 Subscribers + 800,000 Views = I'm going flying?!

    My channel just hit 2,000 Subscribers and 800,000 Views which I'm absolutely chuffed about! I did a livestream, and thought that would be that. How wrong I was... One of my viewers just dropped the fact that they have a Private Pilots Liscence (PPL) and has offered to take me flying on Sunday...
  15. Drawyah

    Gaming Train Sim World Ruhr Sieg Nord livestream + Giveaway!

    Good morning guys, Tonight I will be streaming some of the new Ruhr Sieg Nord route, trying out the trains and talking about the route in general! This will be a first-reactions stream trying out these trains for the first time meaning things also have the possibility of going wrong. Do set a...
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    Life I LOST my PASSPORT in Helsinki

    Last week when I travelled to Finland, I managed to lose my passport which led me into a rather stressful situation. Knowing that I could learn from this, I decided to Vlog my experiences in trying to get myself home in the hopes that other may also learn too. Do check out the video below, and...
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    VFX Request Intro needed for Girlfriend (Very simple)

    Evening guys, I need to get an intro made for my girlfriend's channel we're currently setting. Very simple, her username is Suskiitsu and the only 'rule' is pink. It has to be pink. I'm sure something can be done in a template in 5 minutes, I hope someone is willing to do this for us!
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    Gaming Diesel Railcar Simulator - First look & Reaction!

    EDIT: Spotted an error with the first version, decided to reupload now.
  19. Drawyah

    GFX Request I need a new banner - Please help!

    Morning guys, I'm in need of a new YouTube banner, and I'm hoping you guys are here to help! I don't need anything too out of this world, just a rather simple showcase similar to my current one, but stands out more than it currently does. This I also aim to put across all of my social media...