1000 subs 4000 hours viewed

  1. K

    Comedy Can I get 1k sub here

    Watch this funny ampit music from africa Ok
  2. sp77764

    Community One Last Effort to hit 4k1k (Promote Yourself Here)

    So welcome, as you all know tomorrow is the cutoff date and any channel under 1k subscribers and 4000 watch hours will get demonetized. this thread is meant to be the last ditch effort to promote yourself and hopefully push yourself over the harsh boundary's if you want to reply, format your...
  3. J

    YouTube How does everyone feel about the new criteria?

    By now everyone know about the new criteria for being paid on youtube. Unfortunatly this will effect my channel, Jetstream19. I can understand it. But how does everyone else feel?
  4. A

    News Lets break the 1000 subscribers

    Lets Hit 1000 subscribers together :D
  5. Koala_Steamed

    Official YouTube Monetization (1000 subs 4k hours) breakaway promotion

    I know a lot of users are unhappy with the new monetization threshold of 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours. I'm creating this thread to help out the users that have great content and are just below the threshold. If you are almost at 1000 subscribers or 4k hours please post below one of...