1. Jonathan

    Gaming The Funny Heavy Duel (TF2)

    So this happened while I was recording for a another video which I've pretty much finished now. This just shows why I love this game.
  2. Matt Kriel

    Review4Review Please help with my new series I have started

    Hi Guys, Please can you review my series call "n00b Series" and let me know what you think of the video quality as well as if this is a good idea to generate content? Any other review/criticism will be greatly appreciated :)
  3. K Army Gaming


    For Honor BETA Gameplay and funny moments Leave a like comment and sub for more
  4. TheShadow208

    Gaming CS:GO 1v1 with my boy Cinnomon!

  5. TheShadow208

    Gaming CSGO Maze 1v1 With Attackhop3

    So I didn't work the hardest on this video, but I am enjoying making CSGO videos, so if you have suggestions for anything else I should try on my channel please let me know! :)
  6. Crazylawrence

    Gaming Rocket League VERSUS | Trailer

    If you have ever seen the channel Versus w JoshJepson and Tyler Sederwall, you may know what this is about, and this series is inspired by them. It is time to make the competitive, even more competitive.. In this video, I finally announce the new series of "spin-off" Versus. This will include...
  7. Charxander Origin

    Gaming Shellshock Live FIRST MATCH EVER?

    David and I wanted to try something a bit different, so we did. We got a game called Shellshock Live, and recorded our first 1v1 in the game. It was so much fun, and I play the game way too much now.
  8. NJTV

    PC Collaboration CSGO 1v1 Friendly Proposal!

    Hey all! I am looking for someone who is around the MGE (Master Guardian Elite) rank to collab with. The video will feature a friendly 1vs1 match. I will shoutout whoever i am playing against and i will also provide links to your channel and social media in the description. Requirements...
  9. Charxander Origin

    Gaming I AM GOING TO DIE

    David and I specialize in taking down cheaters and people accused of cheating, but we really don't do so well against people with actual skill... that being said, this game has both an accused cheater, and the BEST player I have EVER seen go head to head against David.
  10. Jig Numba9

    Other Collaboration Anyone up for a 1v1 in NBA Live Mobile

    If anyone wants to play me in NBA Live Mobile HMU im a 79 with 200k coins