500 subs

  1. MKDS1992

    YouTube Views Milestone 100 000 Views + 500 subs

    I finally reached the 100 000 total views on my channel and passed the 500 subs (y) (Y) Thanks Freedom for all this great sites to get music for my videos. It makes things much easier for me and my motivation to create new videos is much higher now!
  2. HyperLabs

    Subscriber Milestone I Hit 500 Subscribers!!

    Thanks to all of you guys I have finally hit 500 Subs on YouTube! You guys are awesome!!!
  3. Frosted Technology

    Subscriber Milestone 500 Subscribers!

    Hey guys less than 2 weeks ago I posted saying that I surpassed 400 subscribers which is crazy! Now a week and a half later, I'm excited to say that I just surpassed 500 subscribers, the BIG FIVE-ZERO-ZERO! That's half way to 1000! Thanks to everyone who has supported me and subscribed! Next...
  4. Drawyah

    Subscriber Milestone 500 Subscribers!

    Hey guys, I've just hit 500 subscribers! For a small channel like mine, this is something I've definitely been excited about and to finally reach this number is definitely quite fun! One tool Freedom! provide which I couldn't run this channel without is Epoxy.tv. That tool has been clinical in...

    Subscriber Milestone 500 Subscribers Followed With The First Sponsrship!!!

    Hi There,My Name Is Ioannes Pavlopoulos, 2 Days ago I reached 500 Subscribers!!!And one week ago an after school classroom said to be giving my brother 3 years free lessons in english if I advertise him!!!Really proud of myself!!!
  6. Eldridge Coutinho

    Subscriber Milestone Finally hit 100 subs

    Just hit 100 subs on my channel feels awesome!!! Cant wait to make more videos now.
  7. Szabolcs

    Subscriber Milestone 500 Subs in 6 Months!

    I started YouTube 6 months ago, and I finally achieved half a thousand subscribers which is just amazing. The fact that I never sub 4 subbed it makes it even better and I guess my video views and commitment shows that, some of my videos have 4k views and so far I love creating content. I'm so...
  8. KryptekRogue

    Xbox Collaboration Xbox One/360 Collab

    I am a YouTuber who found a lot of my subs in one video that has since been removed for some BS claim by supercell. I am looking to grow more though and want to find someone who wants to Collab. I'm down for anything really just leave your ideas below. I do ask that you have atleast 500 subs as...
  9. G

    Gaming DP {DeezPros} Youtube clan collab (almost 500 subs) (anyone can join)

    Hey wassup guys DeezNoobs here and i am just telling you something about a new clan called DP which anyone who has a PC or PS4 (skype too) is allowed to join, the clan will do lots of different games together and the fact we are working together may help everyone in the clan get more subscribers...
  10. Jakylikgaming

    Subscriber Milestone 500 Subscribers. My Experience

    After a few years of doing Youtube, I finally hit 500 Subscribers a few months back. I was so happy when I received my 500th subscriber. It wasn't always easy, because at times I felt lost, too busy to post, or bad at commentating. But like anything, you can improve so if you are a small...