changing username

  1. Row

    Official How to Change your Forum Username

    Hey Freedom! family, What's that? You need to change your username to escape the authorities but can't find a way how? Not to worry! Just follow these steps: (y) (Y) Go to the Freedom! Forums Store. Scroll down to find the product "Change User Name" Make sure you have the sufficient amount of...
  2. Hazza

    Solved Need Help Changing My Forum Username!

    Hi there, I have just recently come back too the Freedom Network from not being with you guys for about a year. Now I have come back to the forums my username is No More Copyright which used to be what my old channel was called. My name is now Hazza on YouTube and I would like to change it to...
  3. S&C Studios

    Solved How do I change my username?

    So my previous channel name was Teen Challenges and now I changed it to S&C Studios. So I was wondering how would I change the name to S&C Studios since that is my new channel name?