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  1. Anthony Smith

    Edgy Partner Channel art pack 1.01

    This time we've included a YouTube end card template as well as YouTube thumbnail templates, a YouTube Banner template, and a YouTube channel icon or avatar template all together in the same YouTube branding pack! These templates are fully editable to your liking so if your not a fan of any...
  2. Anthony Smith

    GFX Creators Brain 1.0

    This full YouTube channel art pack includes the following: Two TouTube thumbnail templates End Screen / Endcard template YouTube channel banner YouTube channel icon / Avatar This dark science like template balances many aspects and colors for your channel. This could be suitable for...
  3. Anthony Smith

    GFX Electric Purple Channel art template 1.0

    This set includes channel banner/background channel icon/avatar Thumbnail template This template was created as a way to balance light and dark YouTube channel art styles in order to create a vibe that really pops. This does allow you to make it your own in whatever way you so choose altering...
  4. Anthony Smith

    GFX Cool, Clean, Rugged, a complete art package!! 1.0

    This full graphics pack includes a channel banner, Thumbnail templates, and avatar/channel icon that you can edit to your liking. This is a classic, elegant, and still somehow cool look for any channel that doesn't mind the darker color palette.
  5. Anthony Smith

    GFX Flexible template for any channel type 2017-03-01

    This complete pack of resources includes a customizable avatar, thumbnails, and channel banner for YouTube. This was designed with maximum flexibility in mind and can be modified by changing the text and or the hue and saturation sliders to match the colors and vibe that you're after. The color...
  6. Viplexity

    GFX Request New Logo??

    Would someone out there be willing to create a new logo for me? One that's the same size as my current one. It can either have this .png file (picture) or have a unique design of the letter 'V'. I'll give a shout out to whoever does so. Thanks.