1. Traf Plays

    PC Collab group for almost every PC game!

    If you have the following games and would like to collab with a group of awesome people, join our discord! -CS:GO -Rainbow6Siege -Rocket League -GMOD -Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 -Golf with Your Friends -Call of Duty -PUBG -Shellshock live -Stick Fight The Game -UNO...
  2. B

    Gaming Looking for a GAMING collab!

    I just made my fourth video, and i would love to collab with someone. I currently have 63 subscribers and around 2.5 k views. My videos are montages syncronised on music from clips of the game CSGO. If youre interested comment on my thread! Example of my work: My newest video
  3. J

    Music New member looking to collabrate

    My name is Jarrett Fulton. I'm a videographer, photographer and music producer. Anyone looking for music for their videos or need editing let me know
  4. B

    PC CS:GO Collaboration

    (g)hello, i make CS:GO montages, i uploaded my first 1 a few days ago. I would like to collaborate with another CS:GO youtuber by making a video together. For example: I can make a edit of youre footage and we credit eachother. Comment if you would like to try that. Greets!
  5. ImoogiNevermore

    VR PC / PS4 Collaboration

    My collaborations are in Lock down! What I mean by this Collaborations are in the mix of being opened and closed! So I will decline if I am busy pretty much instantly. If you are interested continue down below! I am not interested in doing a collab of using other people's content on YouTube...
  6. Pyth3rEx

    Service Request [RevShare] Singer for Professional Song

    Hey! I'm Pyth3rEx, DJ and music producer. Having just finished my last release "Angels" with another singer I am looking for a new singer for my next track. I'm not looking for any genres in particular since I like mixing things up. Depending on your profile we'll see how things go. I'm mostly...
  7. DraycosDragon

    Just an idea about a possible Minecraft tournament returning

    I used to run a speed build tournament on the XBox360 version on Minecraft (like the one shown below) and I've recently been thinking that I MIGHT bring it back but to the PC version of Minecraft instead. I'm just not sure if it'll be worth bringing back after so long. So because of this, I have...
  8. tovah

    PC i need someone for my news video

    so i need if u want to do it on discord/skype send me your discord/skype or you can just prerecord your part and just send me a google drive link to it as in you record your part record the mp3 add to google drive set it as public then send it to me when its done requirements - have a...
  9. AllTheLittleThings

    Gaming Minecraft or Pubg gamers needed!

    Hi im a smaller youtuber and im looking for fun charismatic youtubers to collaborate with to be able to play pubg or start a minecraft series or maybe do some live streaming if possible If anyone has any questions dont hesitate to ask :D
  10. Just Tingles ASMR

    PC Looking for ASMR Collaboration

    Hi everyone, I'm Just Tingles and I am running an ASMR channel on YouTube that has roughly 19K subscribers right now. I'm uploading a new video every two days. If you don't know what ASMR is ... ASMR is a term used for an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the...
  11. KoolaDoora

    PC Looking for small channels to collab with!

    Hi everybody! I'm a small Aussie YouTuber looking for some people to collab with. I can play most PC games, and have a very good computer. I generally don't mind who I play with, but I do have some requirements... • Must speak English.(I wish I could speak other languages, but I don't so I...
  12. FellowBrain

    Gaming Cards Against Humanity

    I played some Cards Against Humanity with some friends and had a lot of fun. This video was really fun to make, and I hope you enjoy :D Do let me know what you think of the edits. I tried a different type of editing to my previous videos, and I think it came out pretty well.
  13. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Tabletop style RPG group accepting players and GMs

    Hey there! I've recently started a Discord group for a tabletop style RPG which I'm planning to eventually stream once everything is set up (hopefully by April 30). If anyone is interested and wants to be either a player, a GM (Game Master), or switch (meaning you switch between the 2 depending...
  14. Mtgameing

    Gaming please join MT Coal Forge and Gaming on YT

    ive been creating content for a while and really want to get to know the freedom community i do blacksmithing knife making on a coal forge that i built and gaming also i do tattoos witch ive done for a few years. i enjoy extreme sports boating camping rock climbing. im looked for good...

    Official Get COLLABORATING Now! (New Collaboration Project)

    Hey #FreedomFamily, It's time to unveil the new Collaboration Tool we have been working on! This has been around the forums but hasn't been publicly announced yet. What is it? Collaboration is one of the fastest ways to grow your channel! The Collaboration Tool allows you to find Collab...
  16. wildvideo4

    Gaming gta5 or codww11

    anyone want collab on gta5 or codww11
  17. wildvideo4

    Gaming collab

    anyone want collab with me
  18. Ferno the Knight

    Gaming Searching for Fortnite crew! (And other game collaborations)

    Greetings Freedom! Family! My name is Ferno the Knight. And I am looking for some serious fun youtubers out there to collab with and grow our channels together as friends. My channel has started as a Minecraft Let’s Plays channel due to limited technology at the time, and while I don’t see...
  19. GulfBulk

    Service Who Wants Me!

    In The Past I Have Seen People On Here Asking For Voice Actors For Their Animations And Stuff Like That. No I Am Not Asking For Voice Actors. I Am Simply Asking If Anyone Needs Some. If So, I Am Free
  20. DraycosDragon

    Podcast Drunk Podcast/Stream (21+)

    I'm planning to do some drunk live streams... podcast style streams. It'll just be me and you (and maybe a couple of my Youtube/Twitch friends) talking about your experiences, your channel(s), your videos, etc. Sometimes we'll ask things the viewers want to know as well. WHAT'S WITH THE "DRUNK"...