1. DraycosDragon

    PC Gaming collab group for Twith and Youtube content creators

    I have an entire Discord group for all who are looking to collab with other people. It is called YATS which stands for "Youtuber And Twitch Streamers". Currently it's just about gaming via live streams. But there could be other things included as well... CURRENT THINGS USED FOR STREAMS Cards...
  2. glueghost

    VR Non-Gaming Collaboration

    Hey there, I do review videos and top 5s on many different topics, and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in collaborating in a non-gaming video. It could be anything: A review of a movie, tv show, album, or a top 5 of movies, tv shows, albums, animation, etc. etc. Hey, with YouTube...
  3. K Army Gaming

    PC Fortnite Collaboration

    I am looking for players to collaborate with for fortnite on PC. I'm tired of gaining wins so its all about the fun. Our last video was doing the cha cha slide and it was amazing. So I am just looking for youtubers to have some fun in Fortnite. No pressure lol
  4. N

    Podcast Podcast

    Hello! Since I don't meet YouTube's new require and will be unlinked soon, I figured this was my last chance to do this. I don't know any other way to reach people, so I'm doing it here. I'd like to start a podcast. Just a random, not-very-serious one. I'd like to do it at least once every two...
  5. Krolow Nasty

    Gaming Looking For a YouTube Collab

    What's up guys im looking for a YouTube Collaboration Partner DM on Twitter if interested but you must have a PS4 Thanks and have a great day
  6. Mudd1321HDgaming

    Gaming I want to create something like achievement hunter

    I want to create something like achievement hunter. I feel that would be the best way to grow a gaming channel nowadays on youtube. I'm looking for people who can keep up with commentating, and are available to record enough for everyday videos. except for Sundays for breaks. also should be 18...
  7. DraycosDragon

    Other Milestone First follower milestone (Twitch)

    Within the last year I have reached the following milestones on Twitch. If you want to check my Twitch channel out, the Twitch name is the same as on here... DraycosDragon TWITCH MILESTONES First 100 followers before the final day or 2017 Finally got so many viewers, followers, hours streamed...
  8. Zomaotic

    PlayStation Looking for a Collaboration

    Hello my name is Zomaotic and I am currently looking for some awesome people to collab with on ps4 to create videos for youtube or stream together on twitch. Im looking for another small channel like mine with 250 subs or more, and would be a mutual benefit where we both would try and get our...
  9. U

    Gaming Looking for gaming youtubers to join my group!

    Hello! I've been in the scene for 5 years now. Unfortunately I went inactive due to school, and so did my subscribers. So now I started a new channel (Unoriginal Content) where I strictly upload gaming videos! I am inviting all of you to have an opportunity to join a gaming group of cool guys...
  10. U


    Hello! I've been in the scene for 5 years now. Unfortunately I went inactive due to school, and so did my subscribers. So now I started a new channel (Unoriginal Content) where I strictly upload gaming videos! Check it out, even if you think you may not enjoy it, maybe you will! I appreciate...
  11. DraycosDragon

    PC Looking to collab with people

    Hello there! I'm getting kinda bored at streaming games solo. I think it's about time to try collab streaming. If anyone wants to join me, let me know. There's currently a small list of games I can stream (can't stream anything Minecraft or Steam related sadly). And there's only a few simple...
  12. Dr. Dunk

    YouTube What videos to make?

    I'm a tech youtuber and make unboxings and reviews IF I can receive products. If not I made tutorials/guides about stuff like emulators, youtube tips/ setup, general computer stuff and sometimes I make tech news. Now for tech news, the video ideas are up to me and I don't want to upload another...
  13. GLP Matty

    Service Request Music needed, will do GFX work in return

    To the music artists out there, I'm looking for a specific style of song I'd like to use officially on my channel as my 'theme'. I have a list of songs that are the same style I'd like for my theme. I can edit and do GFX work, so if you are in need of anything from promotional flyers, to music...
  14. T

    PC YouTube collaboration.

    Hey, i am a small channel with only 97 subscribers. I am looking for people to collab with in my subscriber range to push both of our channels. I do gaming videos such as, Roblox, Minecraft,GTA5 and more. If you are wanting to grow your channel please message me because i'm looking for people to...
  15. Dr. Dunk

    Podcast Tech podcast/livestream

    Are you into tech and would like to discuss the newest leaks and hardware info? Feel free to reply and maybe we can make a video or stream soon! Any topic tech related is welcome, phones, pc hardware, console talk etc.
  16. T

    PC Collab

    I am looking for people to collab with on pc, you must have a good mic and a ok computer Also at least an average of 20 views per vid, you have to be active and all
  17. Thatkid MJ

    PlayStation Gaming group

    I want to start a gaming group to where we can get together record funny moment clips or stream together and grow our channels and become good friends. If your interest hmu on twitter or comment on this post Twitter- @THEREALELEM3NTS I have...... Rainbow six siege Bo3 Nba 2k18 Elder scrolls...
  18. SuperBird Gaming

    Gaming GTA V Thanksgiving Compilation Special

    This is the second year that I've made a "Things I'm Thankful For in GTA V" compilation. I hope you all will check it out and enjoy it :) Also, I am looking for some new people to make CoD WWII and GTA V videos with on Xbox One, my GT is RRsuperbird1970, message me on here or on Xbox if you're...
  19. A

    PC Looking for a Group

    Hey guys, looking for a group of fun people to play some games with. Prefer older people (I don't want to get yelled at by some mom.) I play the following mostly: (am willing to play whatever though.) Fortnite Minecraft CS:GO Golf with your Friends Rocket League I also only do discord so if...
  20. Diversified Unison

    Music Hello!!!

    Hi everyone, Our channel name is Diversified Unison. "Z" is our music producer. Yes you pronounced it right. It's "zeeeeeee" lol... And Sean(SXH) is our film producer. Journey started when Z and Sean wanted to work together and create something to support local talents.. Since then we created a...