1. M

    Watch Time Milestone Ayee, y'all just got me to 40 hrs watchtime

    Thanks a lot guys for supporting me until my watch time's started increasing, love y'all, you're the best:);)
  2. Heroic Studios

    Comedy Hey everyone, check out this channel for comedy videos!

    This is our youtube channel. We make funny comical animation videos. Check it out for a good laugh! I also do not do sub 4 sub, I want active viewers.
  3. j^3

    Gaming help on youtube

    Whats up guys my name is skullpoly and would like if some of you guys could comment on what i could do to better my youtube channel. Top comments will be shout out in my next video. youtube link:
  4. sazchick20

    Entertainment Anyone like The Walking Dead & Vlogs?

    Hey Peeps! What's happening? I have recently started uploading on a regular basis. I upload my The Walking Dead Reactions every Monday/Tuesday and another video on Fridays called "Friday Feels" where I do a recap/breakdown of the episode. I also upload vlogs (when I have stuff worth vlogging)...
  5. Conra Productions

    Entertainment My son and I spreading Smiles

    To our amazing (subscribers/future subscribers), My son and I hope that you enjoy our videos for years to come! Thank you for being part of such a great cause. CONRA Productions has a mission to teach kids about colors, numbers and fun while being safe and giving other children new toys to...
  6. MariamPMusic

    Music YouTube Channel

    Hi everyone! I used to upload covers to my YouTube Channel, but this gonna change!! NEW VIDEO EVERY WEEK!! You can check my last cover here -> If you want to help me, you only have to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE the video! And don't forget to...
  7. Brent Cone


    YO FREEDOM!! I have finally completed my music video for my brother "King Eric". I worked for 1 & 1/2 months to complete this & I was just wondering what can be improved in the video? The video is full of effects and I took some inspiration from the movie "AKIRA" in the visual style and the...
  8. JDMAXimius

    Gaming (JDMAXimius) Hello guys and welcome to my channel!

    Hey I am new here and I would love to be part to this amaizing community. I have a YouTube channel, I would like if you watch and tell me your opinión and subscribe would be amazing! I am JDMAXimius, here you find the gameplays, tips, information, and 3d artist and game design videos like...
  9. Creative Myth

    YouTube YouTube comment section.

    I get notifications that people commented on my video, but when I go to the video I can't see the comment. The comment doesn't even go up for review. Now maybe the person deleted their comment, but then why does the notification stay their? I don't get it.
  10. How-Tube 21

    How To Hey Freedom! What's going on? :)

    What's up guys, My name is Zaid Hasnawi, I am 16 years of age, I make tutorials on YouTube of how to get free games and Software and even reviews sometimes, I post 1 video every 5 days to a week, So what are you waiting for go SUBSCRIBE and enjoy the awesomeness! Thanks =)
  11. How-Tube 21

    How To Hey Freedom! What's going on? :)

    What's up guys, My name is Zaid Hasnawi, I am 16 years of age, I make tutorials on Youtube of how to get free games and Software and even reviews sometimes, I post 1 video every 5 days to a week, So what are you waiting for go SUBSCRIBE and enjoy the awesomeness! Thanks =)
  12. Monkeyboygamer

    Gaming Medieval total War 2 England Campaign Part 5

    New campaign episode here hope you enjoy it some changes with the editing may have messed up or maybe its okay. Glad to receive some feedback and if there is any ways for me to improve weather be commentary, editing or thumbnails I look forward to hear from yourselves. Here it is ...
  13. BluEdge Chekpoint

    Offering Let's get these channels rocking!!

    It's time for us to help the community. You need feedback we got it, you need a comment we speak it, you need a sub...(we will give it depending on the content that is given. Don't take it the wrong way. Ghostdre will be the one who will be subbing to the channels so look out for him.), you need...
  14. Royal Benjixx

    Entertainment Hello, I am Benjamin :)...

    Hi there,everyone i am Benjamin from "Royal Benjixx" and i get in freedom network today, i am new in this sistem and i must little get in everything, on my channel i making vlogs,reviews,tips and other teenage stuff, im so happy to be part of this network and nice to meet you all! :)
  15. BluEdge Chekpoint

    Whats important? Comments, Likes, Subs?

    In a way for our group we believe that the comments are the most important. Looking at it as a way to communicate with everyone that watch's the videos, and also giving us feedback on every video. Don't get us wrong the likes and subscribers means a lot as well but we are focusing more on...
  16. J

    Gaming Hello guys, Twin channel here :)

    Hello everybody. Me and my twin are starting a new channel, highly prefered on Osu!. Well, we are bad in that game, but we have it just a week, so we will make progress and we wanna share it with you. :) So, find a few minutes to look at our channel and some videos (we have only 4 now), and if...
  17. AreebSK

    Offering Free reviews

    Hey guys. I can review your channel for free. Just post it below and I'll check it out. Also, if you would LIKE to watch my video for 1 minute, you can do it. Go to my channel and click on the "Pokemon GO Hack video". This is so it helps me keep reviewing you guys while you can help me too...
  18. HouseOfFails

    Gaming Check out my video and support me ill give a return read to understand

    Hello Guys i am HouseOfFails here and yesterday i uploaded a video called top 10 parkour fails so can you guys please check it out and if you find my channel good enough you can subscribe bellow so i really hope i get likes and comments from you guys if you like or comment on any of my videos or...
  19. ZinQ Nasty

    Starting Black OPS 3 Challenge

    WHATS UP! I am starting a challenge on Black ops 3 you must get the Raps score streak in Search and Destroy. No care-package Raps Check out the challenge video below. Yes I already beat the challenge.haha that was before I thought it would be a good challenge but I am doing it over...
  20. B

    Entertainment My Life, now including YouTube!

    Wassup guys! I am Bradley Whittaker (Bradley16) I have recently created my youtube channel so I'm new to it all and yes, as of now, my content isn't great.. at all.. but what makes me different to SO MANY YouTubers out there is that EVERY SINGLE DAY i am researching ways to improve! I watch...