1. Vortex

    Gaming Just wanted to introduce myself as I had a massive break!

    Hey Everyone! I have just come back to YouTube and have changed my name back to the original which is "TechDudeGamer" a couple of years on with better internet and a better insight on what I want to do on YouTube. I am a gamer who likes consoles and pc gaming. I play a range of games...
  2. CVic Magpantay

    Gaming None-Latest Console Gamer

    A male from asia who is in need of help getting the 1k sub youtube wants. I already uploaded about 2k+ vids in my channel but am still having problems growing my channel. I'll leave the link to my playlist below in hopes some of ya can help me get the 500+ subs i still need...
  3. Tha Real Young One

    PC or Console Gaming

    What you will think be better in 5 years PC Gaming or Console Gaming?
  4. SannuG

    YouTube Channel changes

    Hello community, Yes, I know that I will be leaving the network, but I wanna still make this thread because I think this means a bit to me. There are going to be console related videos, since I am going to stop using PC to record, unless the games I want to record are PC exclusives. Here are...
  5. M

    Gaming Ahoy, fellow Freedom! mates!

    My name is Mudzi, and I have been on Youtube for quite awhile. The content that I post on my channel are both vlogging and Gaming in terms of consoles and mobile. I thought I'd share my channel with you people as it really helps me in terms of gaining a proper audience in the future. Here's a...
  6. Werewing11

    Gaming Looking to collab with pretty much anybody - Game List in Thread

    Hey there! I'm looking to collab with people! I'm an avid gamer on console and PC, so anything goes pretty much, as long as it'll turn out fun. Aside from that, I also love doing challenge videos and such like that. I like getting to know people first, before collabing with them, so if you're...
  7. Aj the kid

    Nintendo switch

    So i saw the video today about the new console that Nintendo will release and i have to say despite imam not really a nintendo user anymore i have to say it is revolutionary who thought nintendo had it in em not too sure about the little sliding controllers though but what do you think about the...

    Gaming OVERWATCH FUNTAGE RAGETAGE (Funny Moments, Fails, Montages, Killcams, and Glitches)

  9. Windy Gamer

    Entertainment HI FREEDOM! FAMILY

    HI GUYS, I WULD LIKE TO PREFACE ALL FO THIS BY SAYING THAT I STARTED LAST YEAR AND I HAVE RECENTLY HIT MY 1YR ANNIVERSARY, BUT HERE IS MY STORY, I HOPE YOU ENJOY! My whole youtube experience began when I started watching KSI and said I can do that and I can be like him some day! Pretty much I...
  10. EZeeGameX

    Gaming New Member (EZeeGameX)

    Hi everyone! I am pretty new to this forum and this website. I just recently made a new YouTube Channel not too long ago. My channel is basically Game-Plays and Commentaries on most video gaming devices such as Ps4, Xbox360, Mobile, PC and WiiU. I upload daily videos and I'm still learning...
  11. greg huffman

    Gaming Hey I'm DJ KHAOTIC!

    im a gaming channel had my YouTube for about 5 years now about 5 years and I never really posted videos because I didn't have anything good to use to record and yeah but now I got equipment to make good quality videos (: I do need to post more and need suggestions on what to play and what you...
  12. Folke Siren

    Your dream setup !

    What would be your dream setup ? Tell what parts would you like to have in your pc and any other details !
  13. madmanencore

    Difference between the Avermedia hd Lite and the Hd

    Hey guys and girls, looking up different capture cards and like the idea of having the Avermedia HD as i can slot it in the PC and also stream from it as well as capture PC or my Consoles. Now has anyone used the HD Lite and the HD what is the difference as the price for the Lite is £60 where...
  14. James Payton

    Gaming Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Stealing Clothes! (Part 24)

    This episode we try stealth and Jacob says no so we steal a guys clothes and run. A lot to take in I know, probably easier you just watch the video. Watch part 1 of this series now: Subscribe for more funny daily content here:
  15. Izaak.L

    XBox Collaborate on The Division

    Now if your viewing this thread that means that you are interested in to record with me in Tom Clancy - The Division. I have a few requirements, one you must of course have the Xbox 1 and also must have the beta of the division...Yes this is obvious but some people will just want to...
  16. James Payton

    Gaming Assassin's Creed Syndicate - I'M ON FIRE!!! (Part 23)

    SO MUCH FIRE! I'M JUST SOOOO HOT! ;) Watch part 1 of this series now: Subscribe for more funny daily content daily:
  17. James Payton

    Gaming Assassin's Creed Syndicate (Part 22)

    This time we cause hell and take down some of Starick's best defences. We is weak now!! MUHAHAHAHA! Watch Part 1 of this series now: Subscribe for more awesome funny daily content:
  18. TKMTrotter

    Gaming [COMEDY] Unreleased Playstation Games!

    Hi everyone! I just started uploading recently. My channel is TKMTrotter. I have a video series called Unreleased Playstation Games. If you like bad puns, the relaxing music of a 1995 CASIO keyboard, and lo-fi remakes of your favorite games, come on over and have a look. I am an organic...