constructive critisism

  1. Odenrein

    Offering Detailed Channel Reviews

    G'day Guys it's Odenrein I'm offering detailed channel reviews to anyone interested in some good feedback and constructive criticism. Reply to this thread if you want me to review your channel and give you detailed feedback Things I will be reviewing: -Thumbnails -Banner and Icon -About...
  2. N8TheGamer

    Request N8TheGamer Review

    Hello, I'm looking for a review on my gaming channel. I need these things reviewed Content - Length, audio quality, and video quality, as in do you enjoy them? Do you find them appealing? Visuals - Thumbnails, Banner, Avatar, Are they visually aesthetically appealing? That's essentially all I...
  3. B

    Entertainment My Life, now including YouTube!

    Wassup guys! I am Bradley Whittaker (Bradley16) I have recently created my youtube channel so I'm new to it all and yes, as of now, my content isn't great.. at all.. but what makes me different to SO MANY YouTubers out there is that EVERY SINGLE DAY i am researching ways to improve! I watch...
  4. Christina Kersten

    Request How can I improve my video?

    So I just uploaded a new video and I want to know how I can make it better. I try and be relatable and my video is on why being short sucks, I think short people can relate to it. Do you guys think I ramble on for too long? And also, I changed how my thumbnails looked recently, do you guys like...
  5. Matt B (M4ttb11)

    Tips & Tricks Need feedback on a video!!

    Hey everyone! I uploaded a video yesterday and because it was quite out of the norm, and I plan to continue uploading videos like it, I would like tips on how to improve as an entertainer and make my videos better! Please analyse this video and give me feedback asap. Thank you in advance :)