1. Du Ẩm TV

    Life Cooking

    Do you love cooking? Have you ever eatten Vietnamese dishes? Do you like Vietnam dishes for yourself? Watch my video and do what you want.
  2. Chronically Cooking

    VLOG hello everyone

    hi my name is hailey. Im new to youtube. i'm trying to build a cooking and chronic illness channel. i have a genetic disorder called ehlers danlos. i have 3 dogs that are all a little crazy. I would love to do collabs to help us both grow.
  3. Shaurov

    How To Target 10k subscriber in next month

    Hello everyone, I am small youtuber. My channel is based on south-east recipes. I upload 2-3 videos every week. Right now I have 2.2k subscribers. But I know that this is a amazing forum where everyone helps each other. I hope that we both can get benefit if we work together. Please drop your...
  4. Angry Broccoli Recipes

    How To Hi Guys! Just signed up and excited to be here!

    Hello everyone! I heard a lot of great things about Freedom and it's supportive community and decided to sign up and become part of it! My wife and I have started a Youtube channel and we are making culinary videos. They are short, fun looking, "how to" or "recipe ideas" kind of style. We have...
  5. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Introducing him to a vegetarian diet?

    I was not expecting him to like a meal with animal protein but it turns out he reached for a second serving! https
  6. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG We finally mastered this technique!

    Those omelettes didn't beat us
  7. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG He teaches me on how to make an omelette

  8. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Giving in to food cravings | Prawn curry

    Let's just say we didn't go hungy after this
  9. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG How we organise when cooking together

    It works really well!
  10. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Haunted oven or just a tricky one?

    We really don't know...
  11. Heaven Nicole

    How To Hey! Trying to get 1,000

    Hello, so I need some support Thanks so much in advance! I really love YouTube it's fun for me and I enjoy helping others as well. My YouTube is all about cooking on a low income. Basically, I show people who live paycheck to paycheck how they can make their food last for the month and so on...
  12. pinaypencilart

    VLOG Make cheese at home - guest starring Zack.

    Yep, got my partner (he does the camera, sound, lights, editing, website etc) to host a vlog. He teaches you how to make cheese at home, as well as giving his opinion of the current youtube situation.
  13. SannuG

    Community Why Aren't You Growing?

    Hello, I'm making this specific thread because many of you are facing some terrible ways of gaining more subscribers, but, there are of course best ways to do it, but, it takes a lot of work when it comes to YouTube. 1: There are a lot of competition on YouTube, so it's not as easy to gain new...
  14. K Army Gaming

    Comedy Getting robbed by Rats -_- Overcooked Hilarious Gameplay

    Rats are stealing our food. hilarious Overcooked gameplay fails. Try not to laugh leave a like comments and sub for more
  15. Scalperhero

    Entertainment Baking Cupcakes With Mummy - Lets Bake Cakes

    My son wanted to bake today so Jayden and and my girlfriend baked some cupcakes i have to say they was really nice :D so i thought i would record them baking the video turned out pretty well if i do say so myself i also added in some speed up and some music to the video
  16. InfamousVigilante

    Gaming Funny Random Gaming Highlights

    Basically was playing a few games such as, Cooking Mama, GTA V and Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Took some of the highlights i had liked from them. I was being silly here and there and basically made a casting tape for Bad Girls Club lol. It took me a bit to edit,but I think I did a good...
  17. FitGamer

    Gaming How's it going guys, I brought snacks!

    How's it going everyone I've been signed up to Freedom for a few months now and only just now decided to introduce myself. Why so late? The reason was I wanted to develop some content and figure out what type of personality I was. Also it gave me time to develop my video editing skills having...
  18. S

    How To Welcome To My Food & Drinks Channel....[read this please]

    Hey everybody, it's Splendid Foodie here and I would like to welcome all of you to my new food and drinks channel where I make food related videos like Recipes, Food News, Food Facts, Fun, Health and apart from this I sometimes make vlogs and challenges and other fun videos too! WORTH...
  19. Cajun Tinker Belle

    VR Beauty/Drinking/Cooking/Art/Unboxing/THC

    Looking to collab with channels that are similar to mine. Here is the link to my channel: If you are interested please reply below. Now sure what we can collab with but that will be decided once we chat. I do beauty, drinking, cooking...
  20. MistyRicardo

    How To Hello from Misty Ricardo's Curry Kitchen

    Hi, I recently joined Freedom, and as a first time network newbie, I'm hoping to increase the subscriber base for my channel. Where to find Misty Ricardo... MistyRicardo Channel: FaceBook Page: Twitter...