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  1. K Army Gaming

    Our one popular video that gave growth is being copied XD

    I would like some opinions from everyone on this.....What is your take on people copying exactly what you do. In my opinion taking inspiration from others is a way to start and getting ideas but trying to copy exactly what it is. Bad way to start. And they stole the thumbnail which makes it...
  2. I

    Music Do you need music without copyright in your channel?

    Hello If you need music without copyright for your channel, I am a channel and seal of music without rights, of free use The only thing you need is to put in the description of your video our channel link to thank the artist :D
  3. acrobatic tutorial

    Epic music (copy right free)

    I have trouble with finding a copy right free music that is not crapy. My channel is so poor without good music. Please, help.