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    Gaming Looking for a GAMING collab!

    I just made my fourth video, and i would love to collab with someone. I currently have 63 subscribers and around 2.5 k views. My videos are montages syncronised on music from clips of the game CSGO. If youre interested comment on my thread! Example of my work: My newest video
  2. B

    Gaming Second Gaming Montage!

    I just made my second video, i hope you think its nice!
  3. B

    What do you think about Valve updating Canals over and over again?

    Valve have updated canals in the last 6 months more than all the other active duty maps together, what is youre opinion on this?
  4. B

    Gaming My FIRST CS:GO Montage Thoughts?

    This is my first edit EVER, any feedback is appriciated! Would love some constructive feedback on the editing and colorgrading/balancing. Edited in Hitfilm4Express and recorded with NvideaShadowplay/Audacity. Check my profile for information about me and my channel!

    PC Anyone up for some Collabs?

    I put this up a while back and was wondering if anyone wants to play some games on the pc. I have Gmod, 7 days to die, Paladins, Stick Fight the Game, COD WaW, CS GO, Golf it, and Golf with Your Friends if you're up for some laughing and raging!! :D hit me up!
  6. Traf Plays

    Comedy CSGO Deathmatch Funny Moments #7

    Honest opinions?!
  7. Alfred

    Gaming Hello freedom :)

    Hello people, my name is Alfred Olofsson. Your name/alias: My name is Alfred Olofsson and on the internet im called "Affe" Where are you from?: Im from Gothenburg, Sweden (in northern europe) How old are you?: I am currently 15 years of age but in 1 month i will be 16. How did you find...
  8. Traf Plays

    GFX Banners My Youtube Banner Template 2.0

    Downloaded resources: -Counter Strike-Global Offense FONT -Dust Brush yes, i know in the PSD theres alot of black bars... If you guys have any ideas of what to do with it, feel free to let me know
  9. EliteSpartanClan

    VR We Are Recruiting!

    Dear Freedom! Family, Our organisation, the EliteSpartanClan, has re-opened its recruitment for new members to come and join! So what are we looking for? We are looking for YouTubers, Twitch streamers & snipers for all games! What do I need? All you need is a good YouTube channel that is...
  10. _mohamed457

    Gaming anyone interested in collabing with me in csgo?

    looking for someone to collaborate with in csgo maybe record a few deathmatch games with.
  11. Denntonn

    Gaming CounterStrike:Montage The Return Of The "King"

    Hi guys well i haven't been active for around 2-3 weeks now due to moving house not having internet so rustled up a quick montage feedback and comments accepted please also, will do like 4 like if you pm me on here =) Hope you enjoy the video p.s sorry about the couple of the clips being...
  12. R

    PC Youtube Group / Recording Group

    Hi I am looking for a group of people to record games and have fun with, my name is Rizzle (not real name) and I want people with okayish PC specs, good microphone quality and good video quality i do not care about sub counts if you have more than 10 that's fine myself I have 26 and I couldn't...
  13. HyperLabs

    Should I make a SFM character render pack?

    Please note that this is mainly about gaming gfx before continuing! So for my gaming thumbnails I create Source Film maker(SFM) renders of characters and if you don't know what source film maker is or how to use it then you really should learn how to use it. Something that came to mind whilst...
  14. Layne

    Gaming Jusic - CSGO YouTuber - Giveaways, Funtages, Skits, Life Stories!

    Hello Freedom Forums!! I'm Jusic and im Australian, I'm 18 and have a passion to entertain people and make them laugh! I joined the forums because i heard that i could find other awesome YouTubers and a great audience. I love to interact with everyone so please dont be shy :) I started YouTube...
  15. Denntonn

    Gaming 1 Tap's Completed Them ;)

    Little Preview Of Whats To Come Now
  16. Denntonn

    Gaming So This Happened Calat 1 Deagle

  17. Denntonn

    Gaming Is this a decent channel trailer?

    Just want some opinions on this video I created y'day its just short for the sake of channel trailer please leave me some feedback Video below =)
  18. Traf Plays

    My first CS:GO banner

    So im trying to make some CS:GO content and i dont want to have to be using templates or asking other people, so i tried something. what do you guys think? ps. I watermarked it from thieves... seeing that i havent used it as yet.
  19. Lion KingTv

    Gaming CS GO COLLAB!!!!

    Hey guys! on my last 3 videos i got around 400 views, i'm looking for someone to collab with in cs go, you need i good looking channel and a good mic! Tell me if you want to collab!
  20. EliteSpartanClan

    Gaming EliteSpartanClan Recruitment Roles

    Hey there Freedom! My name is MrEpicGames. I am the CEO & Founder of the gaming team EliteSpartanClan. We are recruiting a mixture of roles including content creators, montage creators, streamers and even expanding our ESports team! Check out the image (below) for basic requirements and...