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  1. Just Luke


    I hope you enjoy this video.
  2. B

    Gaming Check Out My Channel Please!

    Hey there, my name is SnuffyDahSeal, I am a YouTube who has been making videos for a few months but I have never really gotten that many views. I would really appreciate it if you went to check out my channel and maybe even subscribe if you like my content, anyways to you, have a great day!
  3. craxyyy

    PC I can help you for YouTube(Banners,Logos,etc.)

    Hello there! I am very good at Photoshop and can help everybody who need. I can make Intros,Outros,Banners,Logo,thumbnails or whatever you want to grow your channel faster. If someone needs my help,just tell me in the comments. The price of the logos,banners,etc. is advertisement- e.g. put my...
  4. Nuke

    Gaming CS GO Montage w/ My Dog!

    Hey everyone! Today I have a short and noobish CS GO gameplay for you. I'm just getting started at playing and I have to say... it's so addicting! :D Leave a comment / like if you enjoyed! :)
  5. craxyyy

    PC YouTube Collaboration

    Hello everyone! I started editing videos a month ago and I need collaboration with sb. I play any PC games. You can add me on skype - kayo.tilev Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/craxyyy / Message me if you are interested
  6. Z

    Gaming Need help

    Hello guys my name is Zeno and i'm here to ask you guys to help me to grow to a decent channel and i will support you guys too.And i would like to do a collab with other youtubers.I am not a native speaker so it might be funny.And guys please help me to grow.This is my last chance to get a...
  7. Vigglet

    Gaming Vigglet here

    Hello guys, I am Vigglet :D [(the german word for Wiggle + T) I am not german tho]. I do roasting, stories, gameplay/commentary on my channel. I am trying to keep my real identity private. I started my channel like a week ago and I already got over 100 subscribers. I was amazed how fast this...
  8. Vigglet

    Gaming Looking for a collab - commentary

    Hello guys, I am Vigglet :D [(the german word for Wiggle + T) I am not german tho]. I do roasting, stories, gameplay/commentary on my channel. I am trying to keep my real identity private. I am looking for a collaboration with one of you guys, for a video or two, or maybe for more videos...
  9. AlmightyKRob

    Gaming CS:GO - AWP Masters! #2 (2 COLLATERALS IN ONE MATCH?!)

    Episode #2 of AWP Master! Hope you all enjoy and leave a like/comment say hi :)
  10. AlmightyKRob

    Gaming CS:GO - AWP Masters! #1 (Making Kids Feel Awpful)

    First episode to the new CS:GO series! Hope you guys enjoy! :)
  11. Flamer916

    Gaming BacN HD CSGO Montages and Edits!

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoLR7k1fm57hSolMvDerAAQ I am so close to 200 subscribers and would love to hit it today and would also like to introduce myself to the CSGO Community! I make CSGO Edits and like making team-tages for Professional teams and my goal is to get it recognized by one...
  12. gilbertroyalva

    Gaming Gilbertmeister ep 4 - Gilbert Plays CSGO

    Wubba Wubba Dub Dub!!! Im Tiny Rick! Gilbertmeister ep 4 - Gilbert Plays CSGO Redoing the giveaway for the nidhogg game. link is in the video description or just go to my FB page.
  13. P

    Gaming CS GO Frag Movie

    I just uploaded a frag movie (montage) with a bunch of clips I got while playing. I got these over a couple of weeks and I still have more clips to use if people want to see another one of these. All the music and stuff is in the description of the video. Remember to check out the giveaway...
  14. Elge

    Gaming Looking for nice csgo clips!

    Hello, i am a just starting CS:GO editor and i am looking for nice clips for my videos! If you have one please contact me in private, send me the .dem file, tell me the tick or the round where the nice clip happens and also the player. And you can also include your youtube channel if you want so...
  15. Chris Billotto

    Comedy CS:GO Praying to jesus

    Please tell me what I can improve on
  16. Chris Billotto

    Comedy CS:GO Praying to jesus

    Please tell me what you think. And also tell me what I can improve on
  17. MinstrellHD 2


    Im looking for people to record a variety of Games with & just have fun really! Channel: http://www.youtube.com/minstrellhd Recent Video: If you are interested leave your Channel Link & Skype below and I'll contact you soon:D:D
  18. P

    Comedy My Name Is PLM or Jack Holden.

    My name is Jack Holden (My you tube channel is called PLM) and I make funny video (at least I think they're funny) on whatever game I feel like playing. One of my huge passions is playing games and another of them is entertaining people so obviously you tube is one of my dream jobs if not my...
  19. Ethan Kolessar

    Gaming Hello, I'm Ethan

    I'm Man In Kabuki Mask people just call me "Kabuki." I am a really big fan of Counter Strike. I try to upload once every week, and do funny tutorials on how to use different weapons. That will be starting as soon as possible. If you can check out my channel that would be great. Link...
  20. N


    Hoy os vengo a hablar sobre mi. Es broma esto no es un vlog, solo queria decir que soy de España y que subía videos muy ocasionalmente porque me encanta jugar a videojuegos y editar videos, pero me he decidido a subir mas continuamente videos y ser mas constante. Dejadme vuestros canales o...