1. Y

    Fitness Pre-wedding diet plan

    The earlier you start the pre-wedding diet, the better. Here is a sample of the pre-wedding Indian diet plan with a variety of options. The servings need to be carefully prepared as per the individual. At Nth Sense, They have trained nutritionists who can chalk out the pre-wedding diet plan...
  2. Y

    Fitness Crash- diet for Wedding? A big NO!

    Many brides-to-be go on a crash diet for fast outcomes to fit perfectly in their wedding costumes. A pre-wedding diet is not a crash diet. This is not healthy, and you are prone to regain the lost weight in no time. Also, the motivation behind this should be to maintain a healthy lifestyle as...
  3. Y

    Fitness The planning and the wedding blues!

    While this is the happiest stage of your life, planning for the wedding carries a toll on the family members and the bride-to-be. Let’s not deny it! Preparing the wedding of your dreams is hard work, and the months before the big day may pose a whirlpool of tasks like shopping, salon visits...
  4. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Plz critique!

    Created this for a uni project, it would be appreciated if any of you lovely people could watch the short animation and answer a few questions so i can improve! 1) What do you think the animation purpose is? 1.5) what age does the animation looks like its aimed at? 2) What do you think the...
  5. Geared4Gainz


    What's up everyone Geared4Gainz here, I'm just looking to see how many of you stick to a diet or have some sort of diet plan! IF you do let me know what it is! Thank you!
  6. Apollo_YT

    Canal novo!! :D Apollo_YT

    Olá pessoal! :) O meu nome é Apollo, e este canal é sobre jogos e futuramente também irá ter muitos vlogs acerca de tudo e da minha vida pessoal, vlogs acerca de dieta, ginásio, e muito mais!! mas para isso o canal tem que crescer primeiro, tendo assim também como motivação para progredir ;)...