1. YTBotGelb

    Music A small music-channel, with big enthusiasm

    Hey there. My name is Tim aka BotGelb (or BG), I'm from Germany, Bavaria and 18 years old. I'm playin piano for 11 years now. I found freedom through the google search because I was looking for a specific community friendly network who allow everyone to join them :) I made my way to the forums...
  2. Flex Bormarr

    Service Request Help me finish this song with your ideas

    So I'm working on this song. I like the chords, I like the kick and the clap, I just don't know what genre to make it entirely. Any suggestions on what to do with it would help tremendously. Help me with this song
  3. Elijah Hanford

    Music Looking For a Music Collab

    Hello, I am a music producer and am very new to Youtube. I create all kinds of music but mainly Electronic and soundtracks. I also make graphics as well. I would appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQQedJyVIx24lRUEN0uoZdg Thank you Dusk
  4. MWproductions1000

    Music Shadowsense - Hazelnut Mocha [PROGRESSIVE HOUSE]

    I finally got around to uploading this little song to Youtube! :D This is one of my best in my opinion, worked really hard on it and it took a while to do because I couldn't figure out what to do after the first drop!

    FTU Sounds Emotron 1.0

  6. MWproductions1000

    Music Shadowsense - Caramel Macchiato [HOUSE]

    What's this? A new original song for once? It's a miracle!
  7. Flex Bormarr

    Request Been making music for about a year and a half, would love some feedback

    I'm just putting a link to my personal music channel. There is a link on the main page to my "topic" channel where all of my releases have been via music labels or myself. Like I said, been making music for a while and would really appreciate some feedback from music listeners. The genres...

    FTU Sounds Emanon 2017-03-20

  9. MWproductions1000

    Music Shadowsense - Fairy Gloria

    Something nice and laid back for your Saturday! Hope ya like it :)
  10. MWproductions1000

    Music Endless, Boundless, Void - Slowly [Free Download]

    A new chillout/downtempo track from yours truly. I hope you like it ^_^ Download link is in the description
  11. Sumbrast

    Music Hey, I'm Sumbrast! *clickme*

    Hey everyone! On my channel you're gonna be finding the best EDM you've ever heard. I started making YouTube-Videos about 2009, so i have pretty much experience. I always try to keep my eye on the best Music for you and your channel. You enjoyed my channel? Be sure to subscribe for the best EDM...
  12. ReWilfre

    Music ReWilfre - Remixing, Remastering and Composing!

    Hello! I am ReWilfre (or Wilfre), and I am a remasterer, remixer and composer! I am not quite popular on YouTube, and, because of that, you may think I am not good at the music field... I think I am not EXCELLENT, but I think that, at least, I am "good"! I started this channel 5 monthes ago...
  13. cridboss

    Music Music Electronic

    hello my name is CRID boss and I'm a fan of electronic music while I think youtube channel to promote this style of music, different styles of music like dubstep Electronics, Drumstep, house, DnB, Trap, Glitch climb hop, etc. UN DJ if you can send a message to my Facebook page that will be on my...
  14. Remu


  15. Yeddy

    Entertainment What do you think?

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  16. Yeddy

    Entertainment Hey guys! Check this out!

    Genre : Progressive House ------------------------------------------------------------ Comment below so I can hear your opinion!
  17. BedfastDuck

    EA Will Not Be Attending E3 This Year

    Earlier today Fortune and Forbes both reported the Electronic Arts (EA) will not be attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year. EA, the publishing company behind AAA series including Madden NFL, The Sims, Battlefield and their newest entry Star Wars Battlefront, are instead...
  18. N3kr0z

    Service custom music

    Would you enjoy having a custom track for your YT channel or other source? Then look no further. I have decided to begin producing for others. My main genres I specialize in are: Electro, House, Aggrotech, Harsh EDM, EDM, and Acid. If you are interested please contact me via email...