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  1. Rybolt

    Gaming Free to Use Gameplay

    Howdy everyone, the name's Bolt. I've been doing this YouTube thing for a fair while now and one thing that struck me is I get told by friends the reason they never made a channel is they never could record gameplay. WIth a few more friends asking me to record some gameplay for them to use...
  2. JDK_

    CSGO Green Screen Intro

    I made a green screen intro for CSGO videos if anyone is interested! All I ask for is some feedback though comments, a like and to drop a cheeky sub! Click me! <--
  3. Varlais Alata

    Resources Non Copyrighted Music Channels!

    Here are some no copyright music channels that I know of. *Be sure to credit them in the description of your videos! (instrumentals)...
  4. Jonathan

    Audio Dalston Question 09/05/2017 (Creation)

    So there will be a visualiser here in the next few days with a preview of the audio. My PC is currently down so I can't edit and make one for it. For now text will have to do :(. This was generated by AI and sounds rather nice. I though I'd share it with you. You can use this in your video and...

    FTU Sounds Aquatic Ambiance Remix 2017-03-20


    FTU Sounds Ambient Fantasy 1.0


    FTU Sounds Age of Fantasy 1.0

  8. Crusifix

    Audio Free To Use: KRB - Hold Up 1.0

    This new Electro-Dance Music track that I created is available for all Freedom! members for free. If you do use this track, it would be appreciated if you mention me, the creator in the description with my social media links provided below as well as the title of the song. Twitter...
  9. Ashley SilverDust

    Community Community Team Weekly Wrap Up

    Hello everybody! Suddenly it's mid-November and time is flying by quick! It was an active week for Freedom! and the community. We'll catch up on important forum posts, check out Official YouTube blog posts, and see what content you might have missed on Freedom! Central. October's MotM...

    Official FTU Sounds!

    Wooo! Recently we released our newest addition to the FTU family! FTU Sounds (Free to use sounds) is free music for all Freedom! & MGN partners to use in their videos and livestreams. Our aim is to focus on a wide variety of genres and styles for all content types. So what music will FTU...
  11. CakeLikesPie

    [Free2Use] Summer Intro!

    I made a FREE intro that you can all use for whatever and it looks swag. Hope you like it!