1. Acrenzo

    Solved Changing channel email ,what about epidemic ?

    Hey everyone, So I wanted to change my channel name and change the email address of my channel.But I can't do so since google isn't allowing me to change my email ID . So the next option I have is to move my channel to a brand account. How do I do so without losing my Epidemic account ...
  2. Drawyah

    Gaming The Station - First Looks (Teamed up with Freedom! for 40% off the game!)

    Evening guys, I've teamed up with the guys here at Freedom! to show off a new game released called The Station! A fairly popular title since release, I take a first look at the game whilst figuring out what has happened to the station crew, whilst investigating what has happened on the planet...
  3. Boris Gonschorek

    Solved Freedom! claims possession of one of my videos!

    Freedom! has claimed the possession of one of my videos! • Why? ... Everything in it, sound, pictures, everything from is from me! ... Watch for yourself, it is in German: Tag-Stuffing & YouTube Studio 2018 • Herzberg am Harz • Vlogger Dir einen ... (Copy & paste the link in your search...
  4. allflattious

    Gaming New Motorsports (Formula 1) Series coming to my channel :)

    If anyone is interested in the world of motorsport, specifically Formula 1, then you might like the kind of content I make :) I use the Official F1 2017 Video Game by Codemasters to create gameplay series based on real life F1, and my own futuristic/fantasy series as well. The 5th Season of...
  5. Caz

    Live Gaming in the Freedom! HQ Stream Room

    Consider this as a somewhat unofficial thread for the live streaming sessions I host on a TBD schedule. If this becomes a thing on a regular basis, that would be awesome! As of right now (November 11 2017) here are the games I can host/play during the live stream: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS...
  6. pinaypencilart

    VLOG We visited Freedom! HQ - mini George show

    Hello! Zack and I got a chance to visit Freedom HQ! We asked if we could do a bit of a vlog there and they agreed. Surprisingly, our first guest star was none other than George. It turned into a mini George show, and you're going to want to watch this. There's some exclusive info released in...
  7. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay wirh derwingamer 71 brawlofages

    thanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on add me send bitcoin to...
  8. D

    Gaming Hello Freedom! Family

    Hello my name is Dhafin and im a indonesian gd youtuber Your name/aliasDhafin Where are you from?:Indonesia How old are you?:18 How did you find Freedom!?:Youtube Video What made you join our forums?:Wanna chat with The Freedom! family What are your hobbies?Playing Games What is your favorite...
  9. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 infinate warfare 68

    thanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on add me send bitcoin to...
  10. Mike Drago

    Gaming Just hit 30 Subscribers :)

    Hello and welcome, I'm Mike Drago. I'm so happy that I reached 30 subscribers in 5 months. I have gain 4 subscribers in the past 2.5 days and posted a video special about the subscriber goal I have reached. My aim is 100 and I hope at this rate I will get there within a year. Thank You, Freedom...
  11. Mike Drago

    YouTube 30 Subscribers in a short time.

    Posted in the wrong place and can't find how to delete this thread.
  12. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 #callofdutyblackops3 ep 67

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  13. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 ep62 #infinatewarfare

    music by: Invaders Of Nine – The Other Side [Bass Rebels Release] No Copyright DnB Music Warptech feat. Cory Friesenhan - Resolution BROWSKI - I came from space Trapmusic thanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on add me...
  14. PhoenixGC

    Gaming Who is Phoenix? What's the Phoenix Gaming Channel?

    Hey everyone, my name is Phoenix. Currently I'm based in the North East US trying to live my boring work life. I'm 21 years old and Just really started to push content into my Channel. I dont exactly remember where I found freedom but I'm more than certain that it was from google searches...
  15. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 #infinatewarfare ep 60

    music by: Warptech feat. Cory Friesenhan - Resolution Desmeon - Hellcat Cormak - Flavors thanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on add me
  16. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 paladins ep3

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  17. Robert Frampus Frye

    Subscriber Milestone I hit 700 Subs a few days ago

    I am so happy that I hit 700 subs about a week or so ago and now I am at 763 subs. I am so excited to try to get to 1k subs!! I am primarily doing stitching/craft related videos but I am thinking about making one day a week or month to do things like DIY and Life Hack videos but I haven't made...
  18. Phalguna.G

    Solved how to change category

    how do i change the category shown in my shiny freedom dashboard, because it is set to something which i never chise and will never make a video regarding it. i am a gamer and my category is set to 'music'
  19. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 smite edition 2

    letsplay with derwingamer2 Smite edition 2 please like
  20. Jonathan

    GFX Misc Social Icons (Round) 11/06/2017 (Update 2)

    This pack contains 16 icons with 5 different sizes for you to use however you see fit. These are great for banners & end cards as well as twitch panels. There are currently icons for; Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitch, Instagram, Steam, Discord, Freedom!, Deviant Art, Patreon...