freedom academy

  1. P

    Solved I faced some problems

    When i add my youtube channel in freedom its shows me one error that is (we found an issue on your channel) how can i solve this error.
  2. M

    Solved Freedom not accept my reqest

    Hello Freedom Family Team I LOVE YOU But Still no Accept my Reqest Plzz Fast Rewiew my Channel. Monetization On My CHannel I clear No Copyright
  3. Tomi Alao

    Entertainment Please help me reach a goal of 1000 subscribers.

    Please I want you guys to help me reach 1000 subscribers. Please i have been stuck on 100 for a very long time. Please help me grow, thanks. Subscribe: Snipperlover Skills
  4. Scriby Catz

    Gaming Age of Conquest IV Gameplay

    Hello Everyone, Hope you enjoy the video.
  5. Ashley SilverDust

    Newsletter Back to School & Blurting Out Secrets!

    Hello, everybody! I'm back on behalf of the Community Team with another Community Newsletter! This week we discuss the popularity of back to school content, check in with George, a special secret, influential insight about the gaming world, and more! In Demand: Back to School Content This...
  6. NitrogueYT

    Gaming Hello, I'm Nitrogue.

    Hi, I'm Nitrogue! I am really looking forward to meeting the Freedom family! I make gun syncs, if you haven't heard of that yet, go check my channel out! I'm also looking for people who do gun syncs to collab with! Any questions you need to ask, just leave a reply. :)
  7. Kero tube

    Entertainment helllllooooooo from Egypt!!!!!

    Hello people i am actually from Egypt and i really want someone to talk with me about freedom and make me understand all what happens??!!!
  8. The Top 5

    Hello, my name is The Top 5

    hello my name is The Top 5, and pleasure with all it's a pleasure to belong to this great community.
  9. HealPleaseHeal

    Graduated from Freedom Academy and......

    Hey guys, so I did the full video library for the Freedom Academy and I got my certificate... which only has my name, freedom and a Date on it... Very bland but I know Freedom is still working on the Academy as it's in Beta so I'm not expecting greatness.... just yet. But, I had a questiont, do...
  10. Danny

    Official Freedom! Branding Kit 1.0

    Did you know that Freedom! has a branding kit? It's not often mentioned here on the forums but the kit includes useful assets and some guidelines as to what you can and can't use the branding kit for. The branding kit currently includes the following: Freedom! branded end cards Includes .PSD...