1. Drawyah

    VLOG We flew a REAL plane...kinda... - 2000 Subscriber special!

    We hit 2,000 subscribers last week! My channel focuses on simulator content, meaning the ability to hop into what I simulate in real-life was always going to be exciting! 2,000 for a channel of my genre is also big. Something that I've worked towards for a while now, but finally having it feels...
  2. Drawyah

    Gaming Was Microsoft Flight really that bad? (Six year anniversary!)

    Microsoft Flight released to the world on February 29th 2012. Unfortunately though, it wasn't too well recieved by the flight simming community and within a year, Microsoft stopped developing for the game in July 2012 before cancelling all support and shutting down Flight's multiplayer servers...
  3. Drawyah

    Closed Train Sim World Rapid Transit Giveaway

    Hey guys, I've teamed up with Dovetail Games to give away two copies of their latest DLC for Train Sim World! This one features the German S-Bahn in Leipzig and the DB BR 1442 'Talent 2' train on 70 kilometers of track! I'll be streaming across both Twitch and YouTube, and with two Steam keys...
  4. Figgox

    Does anyone else do flight simulation

    Are there any fellow flight-simers here? If so link your channel. I post flight sim from time to time youtube: Figgox
  5. Drawyah

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 Subscribers during stream!

    Well this was an exciting one for me, I reached 1000 subscribers during my latest livestream! While numbers didn't look like they would support me as this latest jump would see me smash my previous record of subscribers in a month in about 2 hours, I was fortunate enough to push any viewers...
  6. S

    Gaming Want to meet new people

    Hello there guys. I'm looking for someone that is interested in Eurotrucksimulator 2 and Flying in VATSIM In ETS2 It would be great that we convoy together, have some fun. and we make videos to it.that would be nice :) and in Flying in VATSIM. I really like Aviation, I like to fly with...
  7. Drawyah

    Gaming Microsoft Flight Simulator X - 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

    Hey guys, Today marks 10 years since Microsoft released FSX to the world. To celebrate, I've made a video talking about the game's development, secrets you didn't know and a few people's stories. I know a lot of YouTubers play this game solely on their channel, so I hope this is of interest to...
  8. Bel Geode

    Gaming THE Official BEL GEODE Introduction

    "Good Evening!!!" You know, I have been a part of the Freedom family for a little over a year now (since February 2015), and I just realized I never formally introduced myself OR my channel?!!? Let's fix that this instant! Who Am I? My name is Drew B, from Pittsburgh PA, and I am better...