Hey everyone! Please check out my video if you have time. I used to do YouTube in the past but had to stop for personal reasons, I kind of regret deleting my old account but I figured I would start fresh :)
  2. Carl D

    Gaming So this is a late birthday present of mine. call of karen.

    So this is a late birthday present of mine I started to play call of karen that I bought from steam and its actually a fun little game the levels seem easy the only hard part is floating stuff but I its actually fun.
  3. Carl D

    Gaming Feedback on this gameplay?

    So I've completed the Untitled Goose Game. However the game is filmed on my phone, I was having issues recording on my Laptop. If y'all have some feedback of what I can improve on just let me know. Thank you.
  4. Hannya YT

    Buenas ^^ Soy Hannya y quiero mostrar mi canal

    Subo sobretodo juegos de terror, walkthroughs, algunas partidas de juegos online con amigos, vlogs, etc. Dejo aquí mi canal 1 saludo!
  5. FutureGaming


    I hope you enjoy the most epic game i have ever played on the mobile app free fire. Hope you Enjoy and Make sure to leave a LIKE, it would help me out a bunch. THANKS!!!
  6. FutureGaming

    Gaming Hacker mata a hacker - Free Fire

    Hope you enjoy this video!
  7. FutureGaming

    Gaming Free Fire Highlights #2

  8. KroniclePlayzyt

    Gaming JACKSON - The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Gameplay - Part 1 (The Last of Us Part 2)

    Here's my Part 1 of The Last of Us 2! Any support and feedback are appreciated!
  9. Carl D

    Gaming So I just uploaded my new game

    Howdy so I uploaded my newest gameplay of animal crossing new horizon I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the video right now I am only filming on my phone since I have the nintendo switch lite. I do apologize for the video quality.
  10. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 end of summer

  11. Rybolt

    Gaming Free to Use Gameplay

    Howdy everyone, the name's Bolt. I've been doing this YouTube thing for a fair while now and one thing that struck me is I get told by friends the reason they never made a channel is they never could record gameplay. WIth a few more friends asking me to record some gameplay for them to use...
  12. Z

    Canal de Gameplays Aleatórios e Terror (De vez em quando :D)

    Saaaalve aeew galera, eu sou o Zuado Dazideia eu tenho um canal com o mesmo nome e eu queria apenas divulgar o que eu faço aqui haha. Peço que deem uma chance pq não vão se arrepnder :D eu passei a recentemente a upar videos só em 720p e todos editados caso estejam se perguntando
  13. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda LIVE! | A Link To The Past Randomized ★Master Sword★

    Welcome everyone to the my live playthroughs of The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Randomizers. I a big fan of these games and enjoy both this and Ocarina of Time as well. But A Link to the Past will have a place in my heart. Anyway this is my Master Sword run, or Pedestal is what its...
  14. Cephalon

    Gaming Check out my Gaming Channel, GD CephalonHQ!!

    Hey everyone, I'm Cephalon. Recently I set up a gaming channel widely for the Geometry Dash community; it is called GD CephalonHQ. I've seen substantial growth but I really want to take the channel a lot further. On it, I do all sorts, such as: -Nintendo Switch Livestreams -Geometry Dash...
  15. Bequian

    Que tal amigos, soy Bequian!

    Buenas gente de Freedom! Como estan? Bueno me presento; soy Bequian, nick que surgio al mezclar las primeras iniciales de mis apellidos y mi primer nombre, Angelo, tengo 34 años, soy un gamer de la muy vieja escuela. Subo contenido a mi canal desde hace unos 5 meses, en mi canal encontraran de...
  16. ColeTheSloth

    Gaming Rainbow Six Siege | Funny Ranked Game

    Hello everyone, I made a video of a funny game of ranked in Rainbow Six Siege with some randoms I met in a game previously. This video does have some pretty strong language so keep that in mind before watching as I know it is not for everyone! In this video I was being critiqued by some of the...
  17. duchtgaming

    Gaming Check out my new video

    I will try to make more of how to make a car that's movie relate with the new gta v update so if you know a car let me know I will try to replicate that car! !
  18. The Kitty Gamer

    Gaming Dream League Soccer 2019 International Cup - Skills And Goals Android Gameplay HD

    Dream League Soccer 2019 International Cup - Skills And Goals Android Gameplay HD #dls19, #dls2019, #dreamleaguesoccer ---------------------------------------------------------- Today, I'd like to play Dream League Soccer 2019 International Cup - Skills And Goals Android Gameplay HD. And I'll...
  19. Won

    Service TOP NOTCH VIDEO EDITOR (First Video Half Off)

    Yo what's going on Freedom Family, I realized recently that I really love editing videos and want to start turning it into a job instead of just a hobby, and I have the skill to be a professional editor! I can edit all kids of videos from Vlogs to gameplays to random videos. Comment your...
  20. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment GTA V Black Phantom (Machinima) | YouTube Trailer Spot #3 | 'Always Going to End this Way' - GTA HD

    The end is coming... With less than 2 months to go until international release, watch the third official YouTube Spot, 'Always Going to End this Way', for Grand Theft Auto Black Phantom. "Niko Bellic and the team must go above the law in order to dismantle 'Black Phantom'; a sinister terror...