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  1. Steje

    Gaming Hello! I want to show all of you the magic of video gaming

    Hello everybody! To summarize all of it: I am Steje, from Romania, I am 29 years old and I work as an automotive engineer. I am here to show you the magic and joy that video games bring to our lives. You can be a knight slaying the dragon and saving the princess or even an Italian plumber...
  2. Giosaia S. Perillo

    Need 4 CS:GO players to play with me!!

    Hey gamers!! Do you play CS:GO? I need players that can play with me. My Steam username is: GSPVenus.
  3. that_peron123


    lmk what y'all think(y) (Y)
  4. Best Mode

    Gaming My Gaming YouTube Channel!

    Hi everyone! :) I am Best Mode and I make funny and cool gaming videos ;) For more Info visit my channel! :D Thank You, (y) (Y) Best Mode, :cool: