Hey guys :) Check it out, I started a new series :)
  2. kabalyero

    Gaming Mir4 Draco Went To The MOON [Gaming / Play To Earn / Crypto]

    Mir4 Draco went to the MOON twice already today but it didn't stay long in the moon. I went down before it went up again and now it's going back down. Sadly, I didn't have any Mir4 Draco to trade.
  3. kabalyero

    Gaming Mir4 Philippines Draco Token Is DIRT CHEAP! Is Mining Darksteel A Waste Of TIME? (Gaming/PlayToEarn)

    A normal #Mir4 player with only one account would spend somewhere around 6 to 8 hours a day mining #Darksteel to smelt for 1 Draco. If you think it's a lot of time spent mining Darksteel for 1 #Draco then you're not wrong but, the question is, was it worth your time?
  4. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming Grand Theft Auto The Heir of Scorpio | GTA V Machinima | Full Movie HD |

    Niko Bellic is back in Grand Theft Auto The Heir of Scorpio! "Everything has led to this. After a catastrophic terrorist attack occurs in Los Santos, Niko Bellic and the team are given a blank cheque to hunt down the people responsible. However, the search for the truth soon leads Bellic down a...
  5. W

    Gaming Me.

    I am Wyatt Limon and my channel is a gaming channel called wylimo. Full to the brim with odd commentary and fun that was had.
  6. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming VLOG 12 for THE HEIR OF SCORPIO | GTA V Machinima HD |

    The 12th vlog for Grand Theft Auto The Heir of Scorpio ; the ninth and final chapter in the Agent 11 franchise. In today's video, we discuss the final trailer that was released for The Heir of Scorpio, exploring its unique soundtrack, as well as recapping the synopsis for the movie...
  7. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming THE HEIR OF SCORPIO | Official FINAL Trailer | GTA V Machinima HD |

    Everything has led to this. The official final trailer for Grand Theft Auto The Heir of Scorpio; the ninth and final chapter in the Agent 11 franchise, releasing on YouTube on 30 July 2021. OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: "Everything has led to this. After a catastrophic terrorist attack occurs in Los...
  8. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch streamer looking to collab

    Hello there. I have a few games I've been playing a lot for my Twitch live streams. But I feel some of the games I have are more interesting with others. So I'm looking to collab with some people. You can be a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer. I don't mind either way. I just feel like streaming...
  9. Jmgoodog11

    Entertainment My YouTube journey since Oct 2006.

    Long story short, I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, when it comes to something, I will grind it till achieve my goal, even if that goal makes nothing of it, I will continue doing what, I love to do. This is just a few of the ups and downs, I went through doing youtube as a content creator, in 2021...
  10. BizMeister

    Gaming Spooks in Phasmophobia!!

    Hey folks, hope you're all doing well. Would love to get some reviews as to what you guys think of it and any tips to improve for future videos.
  11. Cayden Gaming

    Gaming First VR video

    This is the first video I have made with VR, I'm still trying to find a good way to record my audio that isn't from my headset mic so the commentary audio is better. Besides the commentary audio which I know needs to be improved are there any other suggestions y'all might have?
  12. Carl D

    Gaming Finally got to play pokemon sword

    So I finally got the chance to play pokemon sword crown tundra, and the events is interesting and cool I do like the graphics if y'all like the video you can share the video if y'all like
  13. Carl D

    Subscriber Milestone I am actually close to my sub count

    So I found out my channel is some what close to my goal and I gotta say I am proud of myself. But I'll be making more improvements to my channel.
  14. TheSamuraiHex

    PC Looking For People To Collab With

    Hi, I'm Matt, I'm getting back into YouTube after a 3+ year break. And I've decided to start fresh so new channel and all that. So I'm relatively small. I play games like Garry's Mod, Among Us, Fall Guys & Rocket League, but any other game that interests me I am willing to try and play. I'm...
  15. DanbroUK

    Gaming Baby from hell!!

    Hey guys this is me playing a little horror indie game called baby in yellow enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
  16. Carl D

    Community Do you make holiday videos for your channel?

    Out of curosity do y'all make holiday videos for example do you make halloween specials?
  17. DanbroUK

    Gaming Am I the worse neighbour ever??

    Hey guys am I the worst neighbour ever find out in a cool little game called Neighbours Back From Hell....Enjoy.
  18. MrGboy

    What was your suggested Mobile Game? Comment now!!!

    In other words let's talk a little bit about games. By not saying any Spoiling Discussion. Let's Talk About it.
  19. huitsu430

    音樂創作 Aden Hui的電玩及音樂頻道

    大家好! 我是新人 我的頻道是主要關於音樂分享和電玩 請大家多多指教! 如果有興趣都可以訂閱小弟的頻道 謝謝!:):) 影片:
  20. D

    Gaming New Streamer/Youtuber

    Just thought I would make my first post to introduce myself, I haven't started streaming yet as I'm still setting things up as I plan to start soon. One of the main reasons I want to stream is because I enjoy games more if I actually get to share it with people, I also like competition and I...