1. R

    Tips & Tricks How to remove dark circles at home?

    Cliched but most effective- sleep on time! But kya karein ghar me shaadi hai toh late nights hai! So here is how to remove dark circles at home naturally - Apply harad paste under your eye just before 10-15 mins of going to sleep Use cold tea bags, place them on your eyes for some time...
  2. Y

    Tips & Tricks Are you losing your confidence because of teeth?

    Have you been hiding your smile due to crooked or misaligned teeth? It’s time to be more confident, and we would help you with that. Specialized Dentists like Dr. Suvidh Virmani can help you regain your confidence. Keep updated with Nth Sense. You are just a consultation away from transforming...
  3. Y

    Beauty How to Get Rid of Stains on Teeth?

    Your smile can say a lot about you - and so can the stains on your teeth. For average people, stains on their teeth will generally develop over the duration of their lives - whether from poor dental hygiene or simple daily experiences, like drinking coffee, tea, or wine. So, how do you get rid...
  4. Y

    Fitness Hand in Hand with Transforming Healthcare

    Transformation in the healthcare industry had begun long back and is prominently visible for a couple of years today. Right from in-person consultation to digital health, healthcare technology has reformed everything only for the better. However, this transformation has raised altogether a new...
  5. Klahn's Clinic

    Educational Anorexia: More than just being thin

    Have you ever wanted to learn about anorexia?!?!?!!!?!! No? Didn't think so... BUT I made a video about it and I'd appreciate it if you checked it out(y) (Y) I feel like it's my best edited video so far, so, if you have any suggestions that would make it even better, then tell me so I can make...
  6. Klahn's Clinic

    YouTube (Poll) What is most interesting to you?

    I run a few series on my channel and was wondering what topic is the most interesting to others. (I was told this didn't count as promotion, but if it is, then I'll gladly move it to that section)
  7. Klahn's Clinic

    Educational (my newest video) History of the Iron Lung

    Hi everyone, I just uploaded my newest video. It took me around a month to create and upload it, so, I would really appreciate it if you would watch it and give me some feedback. Thanks! Link:
  8. Klahn's Clinic

    VR Want to be featured on Klahn's Clinic (low requirements)

    (Looking for two different types of collabs for my health and biology channel) Have you ever been diagnosed with something and would like to share your story with others? I am looking for people who have experienced some sort of illness or condition to provide a more personal connection to my...
  9. Klahn's Clinic

    Educational Klahn's Clinic (first post)

    Hey, I've been trying my hand at YouTube for over a year now, and I feel that I should start branching out. On my channel I post a lot of health related content with a focus on disease and various other problems. So, If you're interested or want to give me some advice, then come over and check...
  10. T

    YouTube Can you guys help me to select my YouTube channel name?

    I want to create a YouTube channel in which I am going to make videos on Science, Health, Facts, etc. Those videos are going to be educational. I am looking for a name for my YouTube channel. Please suggest me some names for my YouTube channel related to my content. It would be better if those...
  11. A

    Fitness Fitness YouTube Channel

    Hey guys, I have just made a fitness YouTube account a couple of months back and have started uploading more frequently. I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! I will be making workout videos, diet videos, occasional vlogs and just general videos which could be...
  12. Yakov Takser

    VR Fitness channel want to colab

    Hi Friends Im Yakov Takser I have a fitness and healthy life style channel i want to collaborate with other channels to do "Featured channels to each other" I will like to do collaborate with channels that develop us like sports health food education new skills learning channels and other...
  13. D

    Fitness Hi everyone!

    Hi! I'm Delia. I'm a 23 year old NASM certified personal trainer, and I make videos that include fun and unique workouts, what I eat in a day, and other shenanigans that happen in my life (including cameos from my adorable dog)! I would love to reach others who are curious about how to live a...
  14. akaFrost

    Tech Buy This And Never Get Sick?

    Clickbait, clickbait clickbait! Well, not really. This is a really cool device and I had to pick it up from amazon because of the price and the absolute obscurity. Can you get sick if you use this? Sure, and it's probably going to be terminal because of the plastic fumes. But humidifiers are...
  15. Abbey Jessop

    VLOG Newbie from NZ

    Wassup Freedom Family! I'm Abbey Jessop from New Zealand and I'm brand new to Freedom and Youtube! ( I really hope i'm introducing myself in the right place here) Any way! A little bit of info about me! I'm a bikini athlete and online trainer! My channel is basically about motivating...
  16. Angienicholas4016

    VLOG New here

    Hi there my name is Angie and I am new here I would love for you to check out my you tube channel I do daily vlogs, planner vlogs,food vlogs and exercise vlogs and much more check out my channel please and thanks Your name/alias: angie...