1. Koala_Steamed

    Content to Hype your Audience!

    Do you know how to make Hype content for your audience? If not, this video is for you, we will be giving you tips on how you can make your audience anticipate your content and make them want more of your videos! Check out the new episode now to know more!
  2. JunkdudeHD

    GFX Thumbnails COD WWII Red Sniping Thumbnail Template 1

    A free to use COD WWII thumbnail template! Terms & Conditions are listed on the download page.
  3. NitrogueYT


    It's finally here guys. It's official. Release date: November 3, 2017
  4. Josh Halloran

    Which game(s) were not as good as you thought they would be

    We have all had that game we can't wait to play on, then finally, we get the game, play it and are left really disappointed, whats yours?

    OverHyped Games

    Anyone know those games that they got super hyped for and then just realised it's not that good? I think some games in 2015 were way to hyped. JC3 was a good game but over hyped. What about you guys?
  6. NeverEndingFear

    Subscriber Milestone REACHED 25 SUBS

    Yo I know to some this is small but for me this is like a million it seems like I'm one step closer to my dream, share your sub count below,I'll be happy to know your milestone