1. AustinCreates24


    Hi! I'm a graphic designer and I love to help people out :) If you are in search for a good logo, a good banner or anything in that route, just simply reply to me ^^ If you want to check out my style you can look at my website under the tab of personal and graphics. (I do have to mention that...
  2. Jonathan

    GFX Misc Improved C.R.I.B Icons 11/05/2017 (Update #3)

    (Icon preview, images are 1/4 actual size in this preview) So I recently found a few more GTX tools I didn't know I had and though I'd make some flat design icons to improve on Ashely's C.R.I.B Icon pack (seen here). What I've done here is made them all the same flat circle design with white...
  3. CraftersMagic

    Service Thumbnails + Icons FOR YOU!

    Hello there! My name is CraftersMagic and I can make thumbnails and/or icons for you Freedom Family! How much do I charge you may be asking? Well, that is very simple: $0.99 Per Thumbnail (USD) $1.50 Per Icon (USD)
  4. HyperLabs

    My Logo Designs

    Hi I've been working really hard on making some of my artwork the best it can be in its style and id like some opinions on what people think of them do note that over time I've got better so some of them may look worse but I just want peoples honest opinions on them and how I could improve them