1. Md. Shekelur Islam

    Premium Logo Design

  2. A

    Service Logo & Graphic Design

    Hello! My name is Adi, I am Freelance Graphic Designer with 8 years of experience in field. Specialized in logo and identity designs. Visit my portfolio. Thanks!
  3. A

    GFX My name is Adi, I'm a Logo Designer

    Hello Everyone! My name is Adi, I am new here...I am Graphic Designer with 8 years of experience in field. Specialized in logo and identity designs. Thanks! Adi
  4. TheNeighborlyGamer

    Service [ Art Shop ] Cheap Logos or Channel Art

    Check out my portfolio with the link below, email me at [email protected] for inquiries. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Ali_g8r-Art-198612507447526/photos/?tab=album&album_id=198613377447439
  5. Megan94

    Service Making GFX for YOU!

    Hey guys, i'm starting to get back in to making GFX and just wanted to take a few requests from you guys! If you have anything you want made for you, i'd be happy to help you. Just message me on my youtube channel or email me the details @ [email protected] <3<3<3<3<3<3
  6. D

    Service Channel Arts and Logos

    Hi, guys! My name's Arthur. I wouldn't put myself even close to being a pro GFX creator but im somewhere in between "meh" and "decent". Channel Art : $2 Logos : $1 PM me for Paypal link. To describe how my work is better, here are some channel arts I did in the past (I haven't done any logos...
  7. Matthew Autry

    GFX Request LOGOS???

    I need a good logo for Matthew Autry, or abbreviated version such as Matt A, or MA, but I odnt know of any good logo makers. Anyone know any. Also post your opinions on logos.
  8. HyperLabs

    My Logo Designs

    Hi I've been working really hard on making some of my artwork the best it can be in its style and id like some opinions on what people think of them do note that over time I've got better so some of them may look worse but I just want peoples honest opinions on them and how I could improve them
  9. FutureGaming

    GFX Request Dj Logo?

    Can someone make me a dj Logo? I want it to say "DJ "Lowrider" I want it to look something like this [Example Below] If you could do this for free that would be awesome
  10. Danny

    Official Freedom! Branding Kit 1.0

    Did you know that Freedom! has a branding kit? It's not often mentioned here on the forums but the kit includes useful assets and some guidelines as to what you can and can't use the branding kit for. The branding kit currently includes the following: Freedom! branded end cards Includes .PSD...
  11. craxyyy

    PC I can help you for YouTube(Banners,Logos,etc.)

    Hello there! I am very good at Photoshop and can help everybody who need. I can make Intros,Outros,Banners,Logo,thumbnails or whatever you want to grow your channel faster. If someone needs my help,just tell me in the comments. The price of the logos,banners,etc. is advertisement- e.g. put my...
  12. N

    GFX Request Literally The Cheapest GFX Banner & Logos All High Quality

    Feel free to contact him @EthanMcnally on twitter or message me on Youtube, Thank you
  13. Thefactsoflife1


    Hi! I do logos, banners, channel art, and outros. I charge: Free logo Free Banner/channel art $5 outro Contact me at kaseyconner@rocketmail, or Skype at kasey-conner