1. Redd Sunn72

    Gaming Youtube IS Evil!!! | Catherine Let play

    hey, i jut wanted to say that, i think that what youtube i doing i going to backfire on them is a very huge was. On the surface, i understand why they are doing this, however, the bots are going to continue doing what they are doing regardless. The only thing these new rules are going to do is...
  2. Tan Tan

    Other Milestone Finally officially part of the Freedom!Network!!!

    Hey guys! I have been having some trouble with my YouTube account getting linked to my Freedom! account, but I emailed them and it finally got fixed! Now I am an official partner with Freedom!
  3. Danny

    Official My Future at Freedom! + News

    Freedom! Community, For the previous two years I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with the Forum Team to build a platform for this amazing community of creators. Throughout my time here, I've met many amazing people; staff, partners, and members alike. Working here, I've also...
  4. Danny

    Forums Introducing the C.R.I.B.

    Two months ago, @Anthony Smith teased the concept of a "store" for the Freedom! Community that would essentially enable designers to interact with creators in a way that hasn't been seen before here on the forums. Immediately the thread got a lot of positive feedback so we set out to turn this...
  5. Koala_Steamed

    Network Speak Another Language? Freedom! Needs You!

    *Locked* New thread has been updated here Freedom! is always looking to improve the partner dashboard to provide the best possible service, and now you can also be a part of that. If you speak a native...
  6. Danny

    Official Freedom! Branding Kit 1.0

    Did you know that Freedom! has a branding kit? It's not often mentioned here on the forums but the kit includes useful assets and some guidelines as to what you can and can't use the branding kit for. The branding kit currently includes the following: Freedom! branded end cards Includes .PSD...
  7. Danny

    Official May 2016 Monthly Contest - $100 in Prizes!

    UPDATE Thank you for the submissions! We will look through all the entries submitted from the creation of this thread to to the 25th of May. Entries are now closed! -- Last month's contest was the first in this series of monthly contests hosted by the Freedom! forums and it was a success! Here...
  8. Danny

    Official Happy May the 4th!

    Today is Star Wars day! Share your own Star Wars meme with the community via a response to this thread to celebrate with us today! There are only a couple of guidelines you have to follow: Your meme must be created by you, and taken from a frame of your video Feel free to make small edits and...