1. Vortex

    Gaming PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! :D | Overwatch funny moments | JUNKRAT.EXE | Meme

    Hey Everyone! I have just come back to YouTube and have changed my name back to the original which is "TechDudeGamer" a couple of years on with better internet and a better insight on what I want to do on YouTube, I will now be uploading at least 3 videos a week. Schedule is as follows...
  2. Myaeld

    Gaming New channel! Welcome video/get to know me!

    Hey all so I have finally started up my youtube channel after 3 months of waiting! So i made a short, 3 minute welcome video that explains my channel as well as 5 things to know about me! Any feedback would be so appreciated
  3. Some Bad Gamer

    GFX Thumbnails Overwatch Healers Thumbnail Template 2018-06-05

    Hello Freedom! family. so I have gotten into photoshop recently and I have created my first thumbnail. I think it is pretty good and wanted to share it with anyone who wants to use it. The PSD file has all the Overwatch healers and an editable title. If you use it please give me credit in the...
  4. Knotty Stripes

    Gaming Watch a Noob Play Overwatch no rules, no fuuhs given

    Hey Homies and homettes i hope you enjoy my video i work really hard on them so that there at least bearable to watch i would love to have some support from you guys i know that y'all are awesome and i would really appreciate if you share some of your awesomeness with me!!!
  5. EnderArcherYT


  6. H


  7. PrettyKoolCat

    Gaming I'm Live Now!

    Hi guys, I don't know why I'm not showing up in the streaming section but I'm LIVE right now. Come say hello! ♥
  8. J

    XBox Xbox One Gamers

    Anyone with a xbox one who would like to record videos such as Overwatch, Paladins, BO3, Fortnite, etc
  9. Lili Core

    Gaming Busco a gamers de PC con quienes colaborar

    Hola, de ante mano agradezco por abrir este blog. Como estas viendo en el título, busco colaborar con gamers de pc que sean dedicados y constantes en su canal que jueguen Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Dead By Daylight y en general juegos onlines o cooperativos.
  10. Razmins

    Gaming Reviving my love for my channel now I've finished Univeristy!

    Your name/alias: Leon / Razmins I don't know if my account is linked buy just youtube Razmins Where are you from?: Manchester, England, UK How old are you?: 22 How did you find Freedom!? A friend of mine suggested posting in this forum a while ago, just never got round to it until now! What...
  11. SXIFerny5709

    Gaming DID I REALLY WIN? Overwatch Season 7 Part 3

    Sorry about the last video upload going to reupload soon but for now here is part 3 of my weird journey to masters. :D
  12. SXIFerny5709

    Gaming Overwatch Season 7 Part 2- Self Destruct Leads to Meltdown

    Hope you guys enjoy the second part of season 7. Was I able to prevail or did I get out done by the competition?
  13. SXIFerny5709

    Gaming Overwatch Season 7 Part 1- The Beginning of the Worst

    Hope you guys enjoy. :D
  14. MadMate

    Gaming How YOU, yes YOU! Can escape elo hell.

    How to escape Elo Hell! First video in a while any feedback is good feedback!
  15. CephasRed

    Gaming A SPOOK-TACULAR EVENT! | Overwatch 100 LootBox Challenge (Part 5)

    The OVERWATCH Halloween Terror Event has come and is almost gone! Watch as we try to get every single collectible item, emote, skin, and everything else in between! This will for sure be a spectacular challenge because something else happens that I don't normally do. ;) Will I succeed...
  16. Vortex

    Gaming Do you like games? Then you're gonna love my channel!!

    Do you like games? If so you're gonna love my channel! Filled with a HUGE variety of games such as; CS:GO, GMOD, Overwatch and much more!! SUBSCRIBE TODAY TO BE ENTERED INTO ALL MY GIVEAWAYS FOR THE FUTURE AND TO BE NOTIFIED OF MY NEW UPLOADS
  17. Drewfromyt

    Gaming Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge WITH JAKE PAULERS!

    This video I play some junkenstein's revenge with some friends and it's basically a funny moments video. If you like Overwatch I highly recommend checking it out!

    Paladins VS Overwatch

    I'm a big fan of both, but only one of them gets played the most and that would be Paladins. With Paladins being free and not laggy at all comparted to Overwatch being expensive and laggy. Hear me out on this when I say Paladins is obviously better. Yes it does have a few drawbacks since it...
  19. ItsAllusionZ

    Gaming Hey! Im New Here!

    Hey fellow gamers! I am new here on this forum. I am a YouTuber that uploads Call of Duty, R6S, Overwatch and more as more games arise! Maybe could start making YouTube friends and begin Collabs?! ;)
  20. G

    Gaming Check me out guys!

    Hello im trying this youtube stuff out and its a blast i hope i meet some nice people and make friends on the way so check me out on youtube its *Gullyjr* hit me up in the messages ill be gladly to look at yours