Hey everyone! Please check out my video if you have time. I used to do YouTube in the past but had to stop for personal reasons, I kind of regret deleting my old account but I figured I would start fresh :)
  2. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming Grand Theft Auto The Heir of Scorpio | GTA V Machinima | Full Movie HD |

    Niko Bellic is back in Grand Theft Auto The Heir of Scorpio! "Everything has led to this. After a catastrophic terrorist attack occurs in Los Santos, Niko Bellic and the team are given a blank cheque to hunt down the people responsible. However, the search for the truth soon leads Bellic down a...
  3. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming Behind the Scenes of 'The Heir of Scorpio' | The Action | GTA V Machinima HD

    The fourth official 'behind the scenes' feature from THE HEIR OF SCORPIO; the ninth and final chapter in the Agent 11 franchise. In this video, we explore the action sequences in THE HEIR OF SCORPIO, comparing them to the franchise's previous entries and how both the scope and intensity of the...
  4. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming THE HEIR OF SCORPIO | Official FINAL Trailer | GTA V Machinima HD |

    Everything has led to this. The official final trailer for Grand Theft Auto The Heir of Scorpio; the ninth and final chapter in the Agent 11 franchise, releasing on YouTube on 30 July 2021. OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: "Everything has led to this. After a catastrophic terrorist attack occurs in Los...
  5. Carl D

    Call of karen

    So this new simulator game out on steam is pretty decent reminds me I am bread simulator game. The challenges or puzzles are pretty much simple and straight to the point.
  6. Vortex

    Gaming Just wanted to introduce myself as I had a massive break!

    Hey Everyone! I have just come back to YouTube and have changed my name back to the original which is "TechDudeGamer" a couple of years on with better internet and a better insight on what I want to do on YouTube. I am a gamer who likes consoles and pc gaming. I play a range of games...
  7. Ido Berg

    Gaming Call Of Duty Mobile - i lost at #2 :/ | battle royal #5

    click on the link to help me reach my goals <3 783/1,000 subscribers! lets go :D
  8. Ultimate_Lenkiya

    Gaming INSANE TAG TEAM! Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker

    I don't know what clicked but something pushed me to completely re brand my channel. New banner, new logo, new intro, new outro, new name, better thumbnails, and now new editing style and a flame for video creating has been restored. Tell me what you think of it, this is my first video in the...
  9. TheDeluxe74

    PC Looking for about 4 to 5 people( more if interested)

    Hey there, I'm Deluxe, I was wanting to make a group of guys /gals that want to play a bunch of different games together. If most are interested I would be down to get a minecraft server fornus to play on as well. I do have a few requirements though. 1. Be 18+( I'm 23) 2. Have a good mic( no...
  10. KrazyK Gaming

    StoneHearth Basics - Tutorial

    Hey guys! Awhile ago, my friend had noticed there wasn't any good video tutorials for Stonehearth on Youtube and asked me if she could use my computer to record it while I did the Editing and uploaded it to my channel since she didn't have one, but wanted others to be able to figure the game...
  11. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Creating a Gaming site as a successor to G4

    Hello My name is Kano 1/3 of the Gamer Section. We have a podcast called The Gamer Section Podcast where we are talking about the latest news, reviews, discussions in the gaming world. We are launching a website and is looking for Writers for the website. If you are interested please contact us...
  12. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Live Streaming @8pm EST Tonight 09/16/2018

    I would like to invite everyone to join my tonight for my live stream of my currently playthrough. Fallout New Vegas, to make the game more fun and challenging I added some mods, I'm not allowed to sleep in a bed to heal my limbs, I can use any player commands, and Im not allowed to use any...
  13. B

    Gaming Looking for a GAMING collab!

    I just made my fourth video, and i would love to collab with someone. I currently have 63 subscribers and around 2.5 k views. My videos are montages syncronised on music from clips of the game CSGO. If youre interested comment on my thread! Example of my work: My newest video
  14. Norik Gaming

    PC Assassin's Creed Unity CO-OP

    Hey guys my name is Norik :D Hi there I want to make some CO-OP videos on Assassin's Creed Unity on PC but my YouTube friends don't have the game. If you want to join please message me, I don't really have a preference to how old you are or how big your channel is, I just want to make videos...
  15. ImoogiNevermore

    VR PC / PS4 Collaboration

    My collaborations are in Lock down! What I mean by this Collaborations are in the mix of being opened and closed! So I will decline if I am busy pretty much instantly. If you are interested continue down below! I am not interested in doing a collab of using other people's content on YouTube...
  16. Vortex

    PC Looking for people to play games with! :)

    Only requirement is 100 minimum active subscribers. Thank you and speak to you on discord (ask for details) TechDudeGamer
  17. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Freelance Gaming Writers Wanted.

    Hello. I'm Kano from The Gamer Section Podcast. I plan to launch a gaming media site this year called gamersection dot com and I'm currently looking for Writers for the news section, and reviewers that would love to review games with videos or writer up an artcle. If you are interested contact...
  18. Heatzio

    Gaming Valley of Death [PUBG NEW MAP]

    Had some fun on the Codename: SAVAGE map on PUBG the other day. Hope you enjoy the video :), a very unfortunate ending haha. Share opinions on how I can improve my videos please :). Also, just to let everyone know. this is my new Gameplay (mainly Battle Royales) channel ...
  19. Nightmare Gaming

    Gaming Another Month, Another Chance To See Me Be A Moron!

    Yes all of you lovely people It's the 1st of the month and you know what that means? Well if you don't I'm gonna tell you, It's my Best of the Month video again. After the feedback from last month I have upped my editing game so I hope you will like this one, but as usual any feedback is greatly...
  20. Some Bad Gamer

    PC 14 Yr old looking to collaborate with someone

    Hello, I am a 14 yr old who is looking to collaborate with other channels. I only do gaming videos ATM and I would like to find someone who wants to record and play games with me and maybe even make a new friend. For anyone wondering my channel is small only 20 subs.